Humpback Whales

The Humpback whale belongs to the species of the Baleen whale. Adults grow to about 12 to 16 meters in length and can weigh up to 30 tons. It has a unique body shape, sporting a knobbRead morey head and long pectoral fins. It is also a favorite among whale watchers because of its habit of breaching, which means it loves to jump up from the surface of the water in a beautiful aerial display. It has a complicated song that lasts for 10 to 20 minutes and they sing it for hours at a time. Photowall pays tribute to this great aquatic mammal with its own collection of Humpback whales canvas prints. These images depict these fine creatures in their natural habitat, some while frolicking with their young. Hang a few of these Humpback whales canvas prints on the walls of your living room and feel the wide expanse and freedom of the open ocean permeate this space in your home. Your family and guests will appreciate the beauty and majestic quality of these Humpback whales canvas prints and will not be able to tear themselves away from your living room. These Humpback whales canvas prints are guaranteed to bring life and light into your home.

Massive in Humpback whales canvas prints

The song of the male Humpback whale is said to be a mating call to the female of its species. These animals migrate up to 16,000 miles every year and feed mostly in the frigid waters of the Arctic regions. They then move to warmer climes to breed, give birth, and sometimes live off their built-up fat reserves. They eat mostly krill and small fish. Photowall gives you a lot more to admire with “Humpback Whale”, “Lahaina Moon”, and “Majestic Humpback Whale” in its amazing collection of Humpback whales canvas prints. These images showcase these fine animals in the waters where they usually eat and breed. Hang a few of these Humpback whales canvas prints in your lounging den, and feel their calming and relaxing effect immediately on you. These cool images of the whales in the deep can instantly soothe your senses and pacify your soul. Sit with a cup of hot cocoa in your favorite chaise lounge and simply gaze at these awesome Humpback whales canvas prints to ease away all your burdens and cares for the day. There isn’t a single room or wall that will not be brightened up by these Humpback whales canvas prints.

Magnificent in Humpback whales canvas prints

Humpback whales use the bubble net technique when procuring their food. The emergence of the whaling industry once threatened this animal to near-extinction. But a 1996 restriction on the hunting of these whales halted their proliferate slaughter and their numbers are now slowly recovering. But they still have many perils to face on the high seas like getting caught by accident in nets, getting hit by ships, and even noise pollution is an enemy of these fine creatures. Photowall gives you, even more, to love with “Black and Whale”, “Humpback Whale Calf”, and “Humpback Whale and the Sky” in its fine line of Humpback whales canvas prints. These images feature these unique animals as they frolic and move around in their ocean home. Hang a few of these Humpback whales canvas prints in your recreation room, and feel the space lightened by the presence of these images. Your grown-up amusements will never be as fun and engaging as when you have these Humpback whales canvas prints all around you. Banish boredom and dreariness from your home forever with these Humpback whales canvas prints.

Precious and protected

In the great sea novel, Moby Dick, by Herman Melville, the main character is a captain named Ahab whose foot was once taken by a great white whale. His voyage in search of this whale for the purposes of retribution, and to capture or kill it, is at the center of the plot of this novel. Before the discovery of oil underground, whale oil was used in industry to light up our homes and streets and the thousand and one applications that this precious liquid is known for. This led to the proliferate and uncontrolled hunting of this animal. It is only in our century that its numbers have shown hopeful signs of recovering from near-extinction. Photowall teaches you to respect nature with “Humpback Whale in Blue”, “Whale”, and “Beautiful Turn” in its splendid collection of Humpback whales canvas prints. These images remind us of the fragile nature of the existence of these animals, and how it is our duty to protect them. Hang a few of these Humpback whales canvas prints in your private study or mini-library, and feel as though you are one of the early naturalists who observed this fine creature in its natural habitat.
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