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Having a central subject in your interior decoration to establish a focal point is very beneficial. Portraits are works of art that record the likenesses of humans who are still aliveRead more or have been alive. Photowall has an excellent and tremendously varied section of portraits wallpaper that are guaranteed to light up any room with character and charm, while being the main attraction. The core purpose of a portrait is to memorialize an image of someone for the future, which can be done in various forms such paintings, photographs, sculptures, and so on. With portraits wallpaper, you have at your disposal unique designs, rich details, amazing colour combinations, but most importantly, subjects that truly compel. Think of these motifs as an extension of yourself, as it will reflect who or what you admire, becoming that crucial personal nature that is often pivotal to a beautiful interior design.

Portraits wallpaper as artwork

Art has been present ever since the dawn of humanity, even though the beginnings were in the crudest form. Ever since humans had the concept of self-image, portraits have been a staple of society. This is reflected in every art form, but especially in paintings. It is the artist's understanding and subsequently representation of the subject that makes for a compelling image. Take a look at the portraits wallpaper titled "Vincent the Sunny Boy". This brilliant and legendary artist drew himself in such an iconic fashion that is has become synonymous with perfection, but Photowall presents it with a modern twist. Not only is the design and layout absolutely singular, but the vibrancy of the colours and the modern variation is so eye-catching that this kind of portraits wallpaper can instantly transform your space into something truly memorable. For a more mature audience, perhaps "Karla Black and White" can do the trick for you. A very sensual, but at the same times elegant portraits wallpaper, this might be more suited for a residential space, but can also work in an office, provided that it is the right environment.

Girl power

Empowering women is not just a trend, but a necessity in this modern world. Photowall has plenty of motifs in portraits wallpaper that pay tribute to this notion. Rendered in a variety of illustrations, you can pick and choose at ease which portraits wallpaper speaks the most to you. There are stunning black and white items such as "Reformer", a gorgeously illustrated and detailed painting of a woman that can be interpreted in so many ways, yet absolutely displays that kind of inner strength women have. There are also portraits wallpaper that has more modern flair and pop culture vibe to it such "Stay with the Lakes in my Mind". This tremendous piece oozes style, allure and beauty. Spruce up your spaces with these fantastic females and witness how it has so many positive effects on you and the people around you.

Variations in portraits wallpaper

Not only does Photowall's portraits wallpaper assortment have subjects coming from many facets of humanity, but different types of interpretations as well. Thanks to photography, one can now easily capture what people look like throughout their life. The item called "Im Not a Robot" is an example of this, another portraits wallpaper with a modern twist. Another great example of this reinterpretation is the portraits wallpaper named "Girl with Pearl Earring Night Out". You will instantly recognize the subject from its original and appreciate how they revamped it for a modern audience. There are plenty of these in portraits wallpaper, including a lineup of Star Wars characters depicted in Victorian-style portraiture. Enjoy perusing Photowall's eclectic portraits wallpaper assortment!
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