A decoration with a deeper meaning is often sought out when revamping the interiors. It does not matter if it is a home, an office or a mere recreational space. Photowall has a collecRead moretion of reflection wallpaper that can be that more meaningful decor you have looked for. As the title already implies, these motifs in this high quality and richly detailed array of reflections wallpaper will make you think about all the good things in life. The beauty of our collection centers on the theme of mirrors occurring in the natural world. Reflections wallpaper can take you on a journey around the world, where you will be able to nature reflected perfectly in calm seas or breath-taking forests mirrored in still lakes. Furthermore, reflections wallpaper also enables you to go inward and have these backgrounds as a remnant of a calm and serene environment where you can gather your thoughts and feelings.

The colours in reflections wallpaper

Whatever your colour and decoration scheme is, these reflections wallpapers will definitely have something for you. From the majestic darkness of a midnight lake to the tropical colours of the jungle, Photowall has it all. We all know that colours affect us in different ways. Not only can they be an indicator of what mood you are in, but they can evoke the mood itself by simply appearing. Different tones and hues in reflections wallpaper can do the same for you. If you like to keep it chill and introspective, maybe you can use something like Watercolor Landscape I - Navy Blue. This reflections wallpaper can look great in any common room, such as the living room at home or even the break room at the office. It exudes a sense of calm and peace, something that is often associated with the colour blue. This reflections wallpaper has exactly the right amount of that coupled with a simple but impactful design.

Taking a trip

As already mentioned, reflections wallpaper can take you on a global journey. You can even adjust your decoration plans to match this kind of tone. You can have one painting that captures the Tower Bridge replicated in the Thames in your private room for maximum visual impact, while having another reflections wallpaper that depicts an iceberg in the Arctic for the foyer or kitchen, perhaps. City on the River is such a wonderful and stylish sight that will absolutely mesmerize you and anyone who lays eyes upon it. The colours are vibrant and the design of this reflections wallpaper just oozes character. It can be an amazing reflection of who you are a person, a personality trait just happening to be caught in a gorgeous work of art. The same goes for Dreamland, a reflections wallpaper that can also easily be utilised in a child's bedroom or study area.

Reflections wallpaper and its placement

Paintings of city skylines such as the aforementioned City on the River are ideal for a home but also an office, creating a more vibrant and lively feel. A reflections wallpaper such as the exotic Tropical Shangri-La shows the dynamism that occurs in the jungle, or rain forest if you will, which can be another viable option for the workplace. Children at home would be delighted with items such as Flock at Dusk - Green or even the more subtle Swan. They both look cool and stylish but not over-the-top, something that kids and especially teenagers are well aware of. Reflections wallpaper by Photowall can be that tool which separates your own interiors from others, elevating it onto a whole other stratosphere of coolness.
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