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    What’s trending: Rose gold and pastel pinks

    Striking and chic pastel pink hues are this season’s trending accent colour – and metallic rose gold accessories to finish off the look can give the dusky shades an exciting edge.

    This sugary sweet style is known as the ‘blush trend’ – here we explore how to introduce this style into your home, making it more than just a summer interior fling.

    Whitewashed walls

    Flood your interior space with whitewashed walls and you’ll create the effect of amplifying daylight at all times. Shades of white keep your interior space neutral and ensure the delicate pastel pink hues stay fresh so they don’t overpower the room. Colour palettes such as dusty greys pair perfectly with pale pink.

    Try creating a pastel pink feature wall and accessorise with scatters of rose gold throughout your room. Pendant lamps are totally on trend, and are a fantastic addition of modern metallic into your home. Photowall’s Alla Prima creates a stunning understated reflection of the blush trend.

    Contrasting colours

    Incorporating contrasting pastel tones into your home creates a sophisticated atmosphere. Interior opposites definitely attract, and contrasting shades of mustard yellow and pastel pink complement each other beautifully. Using ice-cream palettes can add a sense of freshness into your interior space, and Photowall’s Pastell wall mural is an understated vision of beauty – pair this unique design with white décor to let the pastel tones shine through. Accessorise with rose gold frames and candle holders to amp up the blush trend.

    Texture experimentation

    Mix classical and the modern and channel marble textures throughout your home – marble works well with pale pink hues and neutral palettes. Photowall’s Marble 2.0  wall mural incorporates geometric angles, which are a big part of this summer’s interior design trends. Accessorise with contrasting pale pinks and infuse with flashes of rose gold to add a little industrial lux. Alternative textures such as soft white linen, brushed wool and pale natural wood all work well with pastel pinks.

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