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    A Voyage of Discovery with NU Agency

    Two of my favourite illustrators from the NU Agency have created two new wallpaper patterns for Photowall.

    Rina Donnersmarck’s photo wallpaper, Jungle, depicts an exotic palm tree forest in blue and green sea tones that I would use on an accent wall, for example, in a living room or hallway.

    Rina has an eye for the unexpected, something we clearly saw in Bird Forest, which was her first wallpaper for Photowall. Jungle is, in other words, a motif you will want to gaze upon for a long time. It has, at the same time, both simplicity and a richness of detail.

    The dazzling map motif Wonderful World, created by Karin Rönnmark, is playful and shines like the sun in its rich display of colours.  I have the feeling that Rönnmark has created a real classic with this one.  Wonderful World is a world atlas composed of a countless number of ingenious and instructive little illustrations. A picture is worth a thousand words. 

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