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    Up & coming interior trends for 2016

    Another year, another interior trend - but this time the predicted trends for 2016 are bolder and braver than ever. With dramatic hues and outlandish patterns at the forefront of interior forecasts, the upcoming year is predicted to be an interior love affair for even the most seasoned design pros.

    We’ve had a look at emerging trends in interior design, in order to bring you some style predictions for the New Year.

    Dramatic colour and pattern

    Strong silhouettes paired with dramatic colours are set to make a return but will be twisted and turned to give them whole new meaning. Exaggerated hues will dominate the interior palette of 2016 – accompanied by bold blurred patterns similar to the 2015 S/S watercolour trend but subverted to create a darker, edgier look. Wallpaper that echoes Renaissance art will play into the making the old-new trend, satisfying the needs of interior revival fans. This trend marries history to the present day, with the structured historic art paired with mid-century modern furniture. Photowall’s Lost Landscape wallpaper encompasses those moody tones that are set to be prevalent in interior design trends next year.

    Floral prints

    Interior-inspired prints dominated the Marc Jacobs catwalk at Fashion Week, but it was the array of floral patterns that caught the eye of keen fashionistas. Jacobs predicted that floral patterns will be a big thing in fashion in spring 2016, and we think this look will play perfectly into interior design trends next year. There’s no doubt that floral prints are back, but they’ll be reimagined and reinterpreted to give them a modern feel. Look for large-scale wall canvases with a single detailed flower to replace traditional feature wall ideas, accompanied by materials juxtaposing natural elements like velvet, which will appear in curtains and cushions.

    Mixed metallics

    Retro metals made a surprising resurgence this year, with materials such as copper dusting off their 50s and 70s flair. Photowall forecasts that, in 2016, modern metals will be mixed together to create a fusion of interior metallic looks – perfect to add a touch of luxe into your home. With gold predicted to be a popular paint colour in 2016, wallpapers and wall murals that encompass gold elements will be your best bet to recreate what we predict will become a popular trend. Mix up your home accessories with different metallic elements to channel the style.

    Lost Diamonds

    What up and coming interior trends will you be channelling in 2016?

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