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Mistakes you usually do when decorating the kid's room

Enjoying making the kid’s room beautiful

The kids room is probably the most wonderful rooms in the house. For the kids it may be a magical place where they can pretend that they are in another world. It is where they can pretend they are a pirate or a princess waiting to be rescued by their Prince Charming. It can also be a multipurpose room where kids can do what they do best: play, study, learn, work, sleep. Many parents enjoy decorating the room of their kids as this may be nostalgic for them and also brings out the child in them. It is also an opportunity to be creative and display their kid’s favorite toys and other decorative items. The appropriate decoration of the kid’s room likewise helps in bringing out the best from their child. For instance, the creativity and imagination of kids are developed through playing and pretending that they are in a certain setting.

Common mistakes in decorating the kid’s room

Before decorating the haven of your kids, you already have the accessories, furniture, and the perfect wallpaper color on the walls. However, you soon observed that there is something off with your project. Homeowners and designers often commit mistakes in decorating their homes. Mistakes in doing the design for the kid’s room often result to bringing the appearance of the room down. No worries, there are always solutions to any design problem.

Here are some of the common mistakes that are made in the kid’s room and how to avoid them:

1. Inappropriate furniture size – sometimes, we tend to add furniture pieces that are too big in the kid’s room. However, this could result to a kid’s room feeling cramped and small. If the floor area of the kid’s room is not that much then it is better to have a less or smaller furniture to have a more flowing and spacious feeling room. When purchasing furniture, always consider the size and shape of the room and work with what you already have.

2. A very colorful room – everybody loves color. Who does not, as colors make our world alive and vibrant. Children in particular love colors and have been observed to have significant effects to their growth and development. If you like a more cohesive appearance in the kid’s room, pick two or three favorites that blend well. Once you have decided with the color scheme and you worked within the scheme, you will be able to come up with a very interesting and inspiring room for the kids.

3. Adding character themes – this is one of the favorite mistakes of parents and homeowners. Character themes can last in only in a short term. This is also true with baby animals. As they may look cute and cuddly, there is always a tendency to change them when your baby gets a little older as the design may not be fit anymore. It is highly recommended to design the kid’s room that can easily grow up with them. If you cannot keep your heart away from character themes, you may keep larger and more expensive items neutral and add some smaller pieces of your chosen theme, say a magical canvas print featuring their current favorite characters.

4. Wrong size of rug – a rug that is too small can bring down a well designed room. If you are planning a large rug at the center, be sure that it is big enough to cover most of the floor and be tucked under the furniture pieces. If you are planning to use small rug, anchor it to one item rather than having them float in the middle of the room.

5. Unbalanced furnishing – if you want the kid’s room to have a proper flow, think about the furniture and décor placement and how they blend well to create a balanced room. Do not place all furniture items in a single place to ensure the visual weight. Plan where the pieces will be placed in relation to each other.

6. Treating storage as an after thought – do not forget that storage is a necessity in the kid’s room. It is a fact that children need tons of stuffs. Therefore, storage is important in the kid’s room to avoid the accumulation of clutter. Storage include drawers, shelves, wardrobe, storage boxes and many others.

7. Making the room dull and boring – decorating the room in too much of the same color can make the room dull and boring. Try adding extra color to the scheme such as a contrasting or bright color and add a few decorative items to create some interest in the room. Add texture with cushions or throw rugs.

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