Graphic Art

Although classified as a type of fine art, graphic art is actually a broad range of visual artistic expressions. It refers to the arts that rely more on line or tone rather than on Read morecolour, especially drawings and the various forms of engraving. Logically, one of the best ways to bring the beauty and style of the art into your interior is through the use of graphic art posters. Attractive, colourful and meaningful, these graphic art posters designs will easily captivate the eyes, hearts and minds of anyone who views them. Our vision is guided by our tastes and wishes, thus Photowall always leaves the option of altering these motifs open to you, whether this is adjusting your selected graphic art posters in accordance with your colour schemes, interior design or other decorative elements.

Categories of graphic art posters

To make your selection process more convenient and thorough, Photowall has divided graphic art posters into four smaller tiers. These are namely Geometric, Patterns, Posters and Typography. Each of these graphic art posters levels has a unique appeal, with a multitude of options in terms of colour, style and variety. Geometric graphic art posters for example has such fascinating items such as Abstract World Map Squares 2, which is a stunning visual scene depicting the world in geometric fashion. Sketchy Splat Graffiti from the Patterns of graphic art posters on the other hand is much more in your face, with its vibrant colours and the incredibly strong layout. Graphic art posters of the Typography section can allure you with motifs in the vein of Written in the Stars, which has three varieties, each with a meaningful phrase that can make a daily impact in your home or office.


Graphic art posters will instantly make any dull and plain wall look more fun and interesting. With the myriad of colours and designs, you will easily be able to set the right mood in the room. Personalize your home, office or any other space with graphic art posters and you will transform your interiors into the space to be. We all know that most rooms these day have multiple functions. Even a room for resting can become an area for entertainment and having fun with your family. Adding your choice of graphic art posters will help you enhance these functions by revamping the appearance into something stimulating and lasting. The focal point established by graphic art posters will become a remnant of your personality and character, even values and morals. Imagine a motif like Good Things are Going to Happen in your space, a graphic art poster that conveys a simple but powerful message for you to keep going.

History behind graphic art posters

Graphic art, in its most basic form, can be traced back to the ancient times. For instance, the Egyptians used graphic symbols to communicate stories, using what we today call hieroglyphs. During the Middle Ages, artists would insert drawings and decorations into written manuscripts to enhance the mostly religious reading experience. During the Renaissance Period, printed graphic art played a major role in the spread of classical learning throughout Europe. When film and television was invented, the concept of graphic art also changed drastically, even more so when computers came and totally changed the game. Graphic art posters are not just an innovative way to make the interior look superb, but also a reminder of how far we have come in terms of visuals. As such, you are not just looking at magnificent images, but also something that represents something beautiful about the history of mankind. Graphic art posters by Photowall do not just have stylish and fashionable values, but also meaningful messages both physically and metaphorically.
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