Style is one of the most important factors to consider when decorating your space, as it expresses not just the aesthetic you are aiming for to establish, but also reflects your chaRead moreracter and the mood you are trying to form. Patterns posters is one of the best tool for a successful decoration of your home, office or any other personal space. Photowall's excellent lineup of top quality patterns posters is conveniently arranged into different categories, so you can browse the motifs in accordance with what you are looking for. 3d, Checkered, Circles & Dots, Floral, Geometric, Grids, Mosaic, Objects, Patchworks, Repeating Patterns, Spirals and Striped patterns posters are all here for your taking. These items can also be adjusted according to your personal wishes and modifications. Here are just some samples of the many categories and also their respectively notable patterns posters.

Tips for using striped posters from the patterns posters selection

First and foremost, avoid using striped posters with colours that clash. Stripes are graphic enough on their own to create impact, so it's important to use colours that either contrast or come from the same colour group, depending on what look you're going for. Clashing colours in striped posters will make the space look cluttered and distracted rather than graphic and punchy. Also very noteworthy is to be sure to counteract stripes with less busy design elements in your home, office or any other space you have chosen to remodel or redesign. Like for example if you have striped poster, solid furnishings are probably the way to go. One of the most important factors to consider when using striped posters is the size of the room. The larger the room, the wider the stripes should be. Mixing wide and skinny horizontal striped posters also works really well in rec rooms and children's rooms because they create a very playful look. Watercolor Stripes is a fine item of this notion, which could delight and spruce up any room.

Grids posters as balancer

The beauty of grids posters is that they are consistent and even things, so when you partner it with a symmetrical layout, it will become much easier to judge which side of your design is overpowering the other. Even though if the other decorative components are fairly strong and could easily be considered as overwhelming, a neatly aligned and perfectly stylish grids posters keeps it cool, not cluttered, and equalizes the visual weight and interest. By using an impactful grids poster for the basis of your interior design, you can draw attention toward or away from certain other elements. Take something like Gold Frames from the grids posters selection, a visibly stunning but at the same time clear and immaculate motif that balance out the other embellishments in your space in terms of colour, flair and visual balance.

How to use geometric posters from the assortment of patterns posters

In addition to adding pizzazz to your room, patterns posters can create a specific mood. Have you ever noticed how you feel when you see particular shape? Different shapes, depending on the setting they are in, can dictate some kind of emotion or at least, a reaction. One must be careful however, when taking advantage of this phenomenon when using patterns posters that feature geometric posters. Too many shapes or too much of one shape can give off a high energy vibe and a sort of frenetic edginess, but could also trigger vague feelings of annoyance. The impact of geometric posters is subtle, even unconscious sometimes, but it is definitely there. Psychologists have long recognized that geometric shapes have, or will seek, a place in our mental and emotional landscapes. This is why they use them a lot in personality tests, another interesting trivia to consider when selecting your geometric posters from the patterns posters assortment. To make it simple, the shapes you put in your home décor, in the form of geometric posters, should create moods that you want.
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