English Country design is the choice for the rustic and comfortable lover

The English Country design is focused in creating a relaxed, rustic atmosphere in the home. The ambiance of the home is comfortable with the addition of unconventional theme and the mixture of traditional and modern decor.

English Country design is the choice for the rustic and comfortable lover
English Country design is the choice for the rustic and comfortable lover

The English Country Design

Do you want to have that authentic English country design in your home? Comfort is one of the key elements in this type of design. It is actually a mixture of the classic and modern designs that will encompass the periods you would want for your home interior. In addition to these, the English Country design should likewise project the ambiance of timelessness.

Some may see the design style to be hard or difficult to replicate, however, there are some clever ways to adapt so that you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the English Country design into your home. With resourcefulness and creativity, many homeowners were able to find it simple to have that English Country atmosphere into their homes.

The characteristics of the English Country design that you will love

In general, the English Country design is considered rustic, relaxed and comfortable. The choice of patterns and designs are usually unconventional with the evidence of the mixture of classic and modern decorative items and pieces. With the proper use of decorative items, color and layout, you will be able to create an atmosphere appropriate for the design style.

Here are some of the key features of the English Country design that you will love:

1. Walls – usually covered with wallpaper or decorated with stencil designs.

2. Fabrics – with bright colors and chintz floral designs. Some are also accented with tassels.

3. Furnishings and decor – the most common decorative items seen in an English country design are the throws embroidered with floral, crystal candle holders, fresh flowers neatly arranged in a vase, landscape patterns and many others.  

Why people love the English country design

There are so many good things about the English country design that homeowners and designers love. The overall appearance of the design style could offer you the comfort of the mixture of traditional and modern ambiance and with a little feminine touch.

Colors are usually in darker shades and the wall paper is usually designed with patterns. It is likewise common to see flowers around the interior of the home. Designers would prefer to have that autumn atmosphere in this interior design style.

Various decorative items are displayed, such as ornaments, souvenirs, photos and others. Homeowners are never shy in displaying these items, and as such minimalism does not have any room in the English country design. It is likewise suggested to display framed dried flowers and landscapes, china mounted on the walls, pillows with floral embroideries, crystal candle holders and vases.

Furnishings are suggested to be made from wood which are accessorized with brass. Many designers and homeowners likewise love the inclusion of wood book cases as well as wooden tables, chairs and cabinets. Chairs and sofas are preferably covered with velvet or leather.

Your current home can easily be converted into an English Country design, You need not have to totally renovate your house to have that atmosphere. You may want to consider some of the tips on how to have that English country ambiance into your home:

1. Be sure that the rooms have that warm feeling and comfort.

2. Mix and match the fabrics by adding texture with the addition of cushions, throws and drapes. Those which are printed with flowers are the best choice for this design style.

3. Drapes are preferred over blinds especially those which are made from velvet and floral fabrics.

4. You may also want to cover the coffee tables, but be sure that the cover reaches the floor. Add ornaments or flowers arranged in vases to decorate the tables.

5. Fireplace and mantelpieces help in recreating the look of an English country design.

6. Antiques blend well in this type of design.