This is why Eclectic design is one of the best ways to bring your home to life

Eclectic design is one of the fun ways of decorating your home because of the unlimited ways in making your home interior lively and vibrant. It gives your the freedom to experiment on things by mixing and matching. We have written here the information that you need about Eclectic design and Eclectic home decor. Have fun!

Eclectic design is one of the fun ways of decorating your home because of the unlimited ways in making your home interior lively and vibrant
This is why Eclectic design is one of the best ways to bring your home to life

Eclectic Design, bringing life to your home

Eclectic design is one of the best ways of decorating your home. Many homeowners love this design because of the freedom you have in decorating your home. All you need is the creativity and the innovative in experimenting on how to transform your home into something lively and vibrant.

What is Eclectic Design?

Whenever you go to the supermarket or grocery, you obtain a shopping basket from the counter to place the items you will be needing. You first go to get food items, cartons of milk, personal hygiene items, then lastly meat and vegetables. You place them all in the basket and proceed to the cashier to pay for these grocery items. After which you go home and consume the items you have bought. This is the principle of Eclectic Design. it’s is like the grocery basket, filled with various items from different sources, which you think would be needed for your home. These items in the basket when mixed give birth to interesting and exciting ways in decorating your home interior. Eclectic means selecting or choosing from various sources. Truly that eclectic design gives you the freedom to choose items from different sources regardless of their origin and history.

Eclectic design emerged during the first half of the 19th century. The main objective of this design is to move away from the rigid scope and rules of traditional designing and architecture. This would then increase the importance of the functionality of the buildings. Eclectic design is geared towards self-realization, freedom of expression and the creativity in combining different items from various styles.

The appropriate words to describe Eclectic design are freedom, creativity and originality. This design is ideal in any space, whether in the apartment, country homes, or in the office. You just have to create a cozy space filled with items that may have significance to you and the other household members. These items may be souvenir items, decorative stuffs or furniture that may have sentimental value to you, gifts, inheritance, practically anything! That’s the good thing about this design. As there are no rigid rules to follow but, still designing needs a little experimentation if the items you will be placing would be appropriate for your theme.

Features of the Eclectic Design

As mentioned above, this style gives you the freedom, but of course, like anything else, there is no absolute freedom. You still have to test whether the Eclectic design that you want for your interior would be appropriate and enticing. Here are some of the features of Eclectic Design that may be of good help in solidifying your design ideas:

1. Furniture – your home interior should be able to blend with each other and that is due to the different styles of furniture that you have. The only thing that this style is aiming with regards to furniture is that they should be functional, comfortable and attractive. You can use any furniture style: old, new, expensive, affordable, simple. Glamorous, anything! As long as they meet the conditions of this style.

2. Textile – various textile products set mood in the interior. This style emphasizes on the simplicity, classic oriental style, geometric and ethnic prints of the fabric. Plainly designed fabric is also considered in Eclectic design.

3. Decorative items – adding decorative items to finish your home interior will create a stunning appearance. The decorative items reflect the spirit of certain period, for instance using exotic items for country style. Eclectic design likewise focuses brightness, thus, light colored walls and furniture are recommended.

Eclectic Design Ideas for your home

The following are some ideas to help you in decorating your home interior the eclectic way:

1. If you are knowledgeable or have ideas with other decorative styles, then you may try experimenting combining two to three styles. For instance, combining classical with modern styles.

2. You may likewise use different decorative materials, such as wood, glass, metal, fabric or plastic. These items should blend well with the background.

3. Usually the background color of Eclectic design is light and the furniture and the decorative items are of natural colors.  

4. The style of the furniture, decor, colors, materials and texture should be able to complement and balance each other. You are actually creating new style based on the combination of the other known styles.

5. Consult professionals or someone who are knowledgeable in the different interior design styles so you will get a grasp of what you want for your home interior.

 Happy decorating!