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    Redo your kitchen backsplash in a trendy way

    Redo your kitchen backsplash in a trendy way

    Many designers consider the kitchen backsplash as one of the best opportunities to be creative in the kitchen. It is common for homeowners and designers to put up wall murals on kitchen walls and design the cabinets to make it attractive and inviting. Wallpapers and designs for kitchen walls and cabinetry may come in many different colors and patterns to achieve the desired appearance of the kitchen. Fortunately, there is still another part of the kitchen that can be used to further enhance the beauty of the room. Kitchen backsplash in many kitchens is not just treated as a wall protection from splashes, but as a design element as well. Kitchen backsplash can be a chance for you to play with different colors, textures, and patterns that may blend or contrast with the other elements of the room. With regards to functionality, backsplash is an important part of the kitchen because without it, the kitchen may become messy.

    Kitchen backsplash ideas that you will love

    Kitchen backsplash is an affordable and great way to add spice into your kitchen. Backsplash is available in various materials, colors, and patterns that you would find suitable in your kitchen. Tile is the most common type of backsplash. The nice thing about this type is that it is durable, and can be easily cleaned by simply wiping off the dirt, blotches or stains. Tiles may also come in various shapes, sizes, and colors and can be customized depending on your specifications. Other available materials for the backsplash include brick and Mexican tile. These materials are also durable and can last longer than any other elements in the kitchen.

    Here are some backsplash ideas for your kitchen that you will truly love:

    • Adding a coat of paint – this is probably the simplest approach to design the kitchen backsplash. There is no need to change the backsplash if you are satisfied with the material that you used before. However, if you are not satisfied with the color or shade, then you can apply a coat of paint that can provide your kitchen a new appearance. The advantage of applying a coat of paint is that you can add other design elements if you wanted to. For example, you can use stencil to create a design in contrasting color.

    • Use wood – many homeowners find it exciting to have rustic design in their home. If that is the case, then one of the best ways to achieve that look is to have wooden backsplash. The only thing needed is a wood of your preference and adhere the new planks over the existing backsplash. The good thing about wood is that different types of wood can provide various appearance. It is wise to consider staining the wood to protect it from being damaged.

    • Tin will make it attractive – in olden times, only rich people can afford tin to be incorporated into their interior as this was an expensive material. Fortunately nowadays, the presence of faux tin makes it possible for every household to use it as a design element. Remember that use the material in moderation since too much of it can be overwhelming to the eyes.

    • Beadboard backsplash – this is one of the easiest and affordable ways to design the kitchen. Beadboard is often sold in long strips and the good thing about that is that you can customize it to suit your needs. Use liquid nail and finishing nails to install them. Paint them with colors that would blend well with the other design elements of the kitchen.

    • Add mirror – there are basically two types to choose from: mirrored tiles can be bought in adhesive sheets, so installing it can be easier. The other type of mirror can be bought in larger slabs and can project a minimalist appearance in the kitchen.

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