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    Photowall talks about kitchen – 5 Great Tips

    The kitchen is a room for everything, from cooking and homework to cosy dinners and long talks. Quite simply, it’s a room to feel comfortable in. And because it’s such a versatile room, a lot of us spend a lot of time here, so cosy furnishing and decoration, with functional seating and equipment, are important factors to consider when remodelling. Here are our best tips for creating a functional kitchen that people want to spend time in. 
    "Mostly Cactus White" by Linnea Nilsson Lundell

    Plan what you need 

    Storage, worktops and room to socialise. Check around with different suppliers to see what’s on offer. And don’t forget Pinterest for kitchen inspiration. In our kitchen folder you’ll find a lot of kitchen and dining room Pins. 

    Think about what you do in the kitchen. If you love cooking – focus on smart storage like hidden pull-out drawers or hanging storage above the sink. Use an extra wide worktop or an island for more cooking space. If your kitchen is about socialising, a big dining table makes a great, attractive centrepiece. If you don’t have enough space – a folding table or extra leaves are a must. 

    "Speckle Green" by Lemon

    What’s your favourite colour? 

    A kitchen doesn’t have to be white. On the contrary, most colours work perfectly well. A darker colour will give a warmer impression, and a light kitchen will give the impression of more space. If you like colours but don’t want to overdo it, remember you can always have a feature wall – one wall where you have patterned wallpaper, or units painted in your favourite shade. 

    But if you do want to go all in, use three of your favourite colours: one for the tiles, one for the units and one for the kitchen table and chairs. The result? A delightful palette of colours! Other great ways to use colour include tone on tone, darker top units and lighter top walls, or a different shade between the chairs and the units, for example. 

    "Kivik Apple and Pear - White" by MyNest

    Can you make more space? 

    Unfortunately, we’re not all lucky enough to have unlimited space in our kitchen. But size isn’t that important. The key elements are layout, storage and making smart choices – in everything from colours and furnishings to appliances. If space is at a premium, it’s a good idea to have a bespoke table made, and also a bench sofa if you use one. That way you can also plan all kinds of smart storage – built-in drawers under the table, or handy compartments under the sofa cushion. 

    If you want more space, a folding table may be the solution. Floor space is often an issue, but don’t forget to look up and think about storage along the walls. Our best tip is to have high shelving and use rotating stools to make sure you can reach the top ones. Remember that a lot of products can be made to your specifications – so consider the possibilities of utilising all your nooks and crannies in the best way. 

    "Apple Berry - Off White" by Lottas Träd

    Consider the environment  

    It’s perfectly possible to renovate a kitchen in a more environmentally friendly way. Just a few simple points will make your project a little bit kinder to our planet. Here are our best eco-tips: 

    ♦ Use what’s there and don’t throw things away unnecessarily. Your kitchen may feel like new after simply rejuvenating the units or repainting. 

    ♦ If you do want to buy new – always choose eco-friendly. There are ecolabelled kitchens, eco-class wallpapers, and appliances that go easy on our natural environment.  

    ♦ Don’t forget second hand. Mix and match chairs of different colours and styles, and look for lamps and other furnishings at a charity shop or flea market – or see if friends and family are getting rid of anything. A few ‘different’ things and some retro furnishings are a good way to make your kitchen a bit more personal.  

    ♦ Make room for the recycling. Invest in good recycling boxes, and choose a clever way of hiding your rubbish.

    White Tiles 15x15


    Sometimes, a minor change can make quite a major difference. Our best DIY tips are to repaint kitchen chairs in your favourite colour, repaint the worktops, frame and put up menus or paintings, or why not wallpaper? Even these small changes can bring a whole new feel to your kitchen. 

    "Greens Yellow" by Gustaf Öhrnell
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