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    Redecorate your closet into a modern and trendy one

    Modern and trendy closet – an overview

    A closet is an enclosed space, a cabinet, or a cupboard in a house used generally for storing or hanging clothes. There are many different designs of closet available. Modern closets can be built into the walls of the house to save space in the bedroom. They can also be large, free-standing furniture piece designed for storing clothes and is commonly called wardrobes. In many homes, closets are built under the stairs to maximize the utilization of the space.

    With regards to the various types of closet, there are various which depends on how the homeowner will use them. Broom closet, for instance, is used to store cleaning items such as brooms, mops, vacuum cleaners, and other cleaning supplies. Coat closet is usually located near the main door and commonly used to store coats, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, gloves, boots and other items typically used during winter. While walk-in closet is a storage room with enough space for someone to stand in while accessing stored items. There are also those larger walk-in closets which can be used as a dressing room. Pantry is also a closet used for storing food, dishes, linens and other kitchen items.

    Typically, closets are organized with the addition of wire shelving, wood shelving and tube shelving.

    The many faces of closets

    Storage is probably an essential part of the home to keep it organized, neat and tidy. For instance, the kids’ room is well known to be the messiest room of the house due to the various activities of the kids. However, this should not hinder the parents to teach their young ones to pack away their clothing in their respective cupboard or store away shoes and toys and keep a tidy room. This lesson of accountability will help the kid learn more about the value of their stuffs. In addition to these, regardless of the size of the bedroom, there can always be an alternative solution for storing personal stuffs.

    If the closet has enough space, modern vanity mirror can be incorporated to create a mini make up studio. For rooms with no enough space, a multifunctional closet is probably the best solution for utilizing the available space for storage. You can also create a closet which can be discretely placed in the hallway. This can be a good place to store off-season clothing or can even be a great linen closet. You can also use the walls by adding some cute hooks to store handbags and jackets. The living room can also be installed with multifunctional closet. By painting the cupboards with the same color as the walls, the room will appear simple and stylish.

    Modern and trendy closet ideas that you will love

    If you are going to check various references in interior design for the different designs of closet, there are actually countless inspirations that you can use in your own home. For instance, you can opt for a closet with a sliding door and finished in soft, neutral tones. Sliding door will not only make the room look great but will also keep the garments out of sight for a more neat and tidy looking room.

    You may also incorporate a new room into your bedroom for your closet. With the use of drywall, you will be able to create an amazing closet. Decorate the dry wall with trendy wallpaper design to make it look great. Another great and amazing design for the closet is an industrial design. A built in closet with dark gray color can provide an elegant touch into the home. Having a broad and diverse space will likewise allow you to organize your clothes.

    The washing room can also be a great place to install a wardrobe and shelves for the clothes for easy hanging and ironing. This arrangement cal also save you space which you may use for other functions.

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