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    Interesting and Appealing Wrought Iron in Your Home

    We all want an appealing home, to provide us comfort but also for others to appreciate. We make efforts to decorate and carefully decide what kind of character we want our home to emanate. Our color palette, wallpaper style, furniture, wall arts and accent pieces altogether make our house a home sweet home. Another lovely idea that will surely give out more personality for your interior would be the incorporation of wrought iron as a decor.

    Interesting and appealing wrought iron in your home

    Wrought iron is one of the most attractive and elegant decorative elements that is incorporated in the home. The use of wrought iron in interior design can be traced back to 16th to 19th centuries. It is one of the evolving design elements that keeps on changing in accordance to the actual trends. For instance, it can be flowery or minimalist, traditional or innovative, organic or geometrical. The good thing about wrought iron is that it can blend well with the different decorating styles such as classical, contemporary, and minimalist. Here we have the information that you need about wrought iron and why it will always look great in home interior.

    What is wrought iron?

    The term wrought iron is commonly used to everything from bent steel wire to cast aluminum. However, the term should only be applied only to iron that has been worked with hot, physical force to cause the metal to flow and be reshaped into the desired form.

    Wrought iron replaced bronze in Asia minor in the 2nd millenium BC. it was used as a tool and weapon in China, India, and the Mediterranean by the 3rd century BC. In the 19th century, it was used in the construction industry where its strength made it superior to cast iron for horizontal beams. In the 20th century, wrought iron was used primarily for decorative purposes.

    Railings, doors, balconies, grilles, and other exterior fittings made of wrought iron have been handcrafted since early times. In Middle Ages Europe, it was handcrafted as a decorative armor.

    Tips in using wrought iron in home decor

    1. If wrought iron is used as a decorative element, create an ensemble of several elements. A single wrought iron piece will probably look out of place.

    2. Consider the proportion, size and place or iron work. It is the same process as selecting the right shoes for a dress.

    3. All iron work in the house should be made in the same style. For instance, if you hang baroque style chandelier other decorative elements should also be of the same period.

    4. Iron work is a very specific interior design feature. All items need to be carefully selected and well planned. Too many wrought iron pieces in the house will make it look inappropriate.

    5. The use of wrought iron is a feature that can create almost any design. Decorate your home with something really unique and exclusive.

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