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    Divide and Conquer Home Interior with Room Dividers

    Room dividers and partitions

    Room dividers and partitions can be a wonderful addition to your home interior. If you have an open floor plan, or want to create more private and cozy spaces in your home, the right room divider can make all the differences. Room dividers can be both good in terms of function and aesthetic. Room dividers, curtain ideas and partition walls are creative ways to add functionality and style to the interior design. Partition walls can also serve as your feature wall - put up canvas prints of different sizes to make it attractive. There are many things that can be used as room dividers, such as storage furniture, shelving units, bookcases, curtains, decorative screens, large aquariums, indoor plants, and others. When placed properly in your space, these items can create the zoning and privacy that you wanted for your space.

    Nowadays, many individuals live in open living spaces and studio apartments. This is probably because living in these kinds of spaces are more practical and cheaper. These spaces greatly benefit from room dividers as they offer creative and practical ideas for modern interior design and decor. Room dividers add another room, which becomes more functional and private living spaces.

    Room dividers are highly recommended for small apartments as well as large houses. Dividers are known to enhance the interior design when it comes to aesthetics and functionality.

    History of room dividers

    In 7th century China, folding room screens were mainly used by royalty. These screens were heavy and ornate and were not moved around. The Japanese began using an improved version in the 8th century. They were lighter, more portable which were used for tea ceremonies, religious events and outdoor processions. The Europeans eventually developed their own version of screen dividers with the use of wood, leather, silk, mirrors, and decoupage. Today, room dividers are used in modern homes, hospitals, schools, restaurants, offices and many others.

    The goals of using room dividers

    There are various reasons why homeowners add room dividers in their home interior. Primarily, these are used to divide rooms, which efficiently use the space of the room. Room dividers are also used to decorate or add character to the space as well as to hide imperfections of the space.

    How to add room dividers to create a great home interior

    There are man different ways on how to have an amazing interior with room dividers. Room dividers can be created in different sizes, materials, design styles, colors, and finishes. There are also styles that are in trend that can captivate the eyes and hearts of anyone who sees them.   

    Curtains which can be used as a room divider is the most affordable option. Curtains can be made of plastic or fabric, and can be described as soft, flexible and romantic. These can also add patterns, texture and color to the home interior.

    Another interesting option is the use of sliding panels and movable decorative screens in various styles. From contemporary decorating fabrics, glass and metal to wood room dividers bring privacy into your home interiors. Sliding panels has the capability to balance room dimensions to make the room appear comfortable and modern. In addition to this, room divider made of glass and metal is a good option for separating the dining room or kitchen from the living room. This can also be used in creating your own private study room.

    Hanging room dividers made of plastic pieces are ideal for lofts and large living spaces. These can bring a stylish feel into the interior design.

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