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Blue Nebula - Framed print - Living Room



Purple framed prints

If you want something to exude luxury and creativity in the same scene, Photowall has the most gorgeous assortment of purple framed prints. Purple tends to be seen as a bold colour chRead moreoice in interior design, but it actually is a pigment with a long history and past. Basically, purple is a combination of red and blue and thus not so common in nature, which makes it exclusive. You can take advantage of this exclusivity by getting yourself purple framed prints that come in many shades and themes. Decorating with these has many positive effects, like the fact that this colour can combine well with many other colours. Whether it is residential, corporate or recreational in nature, the room you choose will benefit tremendously from a well-places purple framed print.

The impact of purple framed prints

Purple can either be a dramatic or a harmonious colour, depending entirely on the intensity and shade you choose, as well as the placement. Combine purple framed prints with the right decor and you will have a room where you can feel happy and creative, in addition to having style and charm. A purple framed print like Whooper Swans, for example, is ideal for a living room. The pale hue can give this area a sophisticated but also natural feel, since there are birds present. Using purple as an accent decoration in an otherwise white room can give the other walls a soft blue cast and the entire room a serene vibe. Black and grey also go well with purple, as you can see in purple framed prints like Wildflowers Lining the Trail Purple. This is not only gorgeous to look at in the home, but can also work superbly in a place of work.

A variety of themes

A splash of strong and spectacular colour can make an enormous difference when it comes to decorating. An excellent way to achieve this is to use purple framed prints. As already hinted at, purple is one of those colours that really makes a space pop, making it an excellent shade for interior design. Here at Photowall we have a range of themes in purple framed prints that suit most personalities and interests. If you prefer something of nature, like flowers, Purple Lavender Field is one of the most stunning pieces out there. Imagine this purple framed print in a home or office, and you can already see how it changes the whole dimension and visual weight. If you are more into art, perhaps you can utilise something like Skiyu Purple Robe. Not only does this purple framed print possess the ideal colour and hues, but also provides context and character which can transform your room into something memorable and special.

Purple framed prints placement

It is absolutely easy to create a decorative masterpiece once you have decided on the absolutely best shade of purple for the space you want to transform. If you have decided on a dark shade of purple, as can be seen Thriver - Night, go ahead and choose dark shades of other colours to discreetly highlight the purple framed print. Dark colours such as blue grey or dark green will immediately stand out. A brown shade, for example, will give the room a more subdued character. However, if you are more pursuant to a light purple, we at Photowall believe that combining it with an even lighter shade of an accompanying colour, either white or light grey, will create an incredibly stylish effect. It makes the entire space feel airier, which in turn feels very relaxing. That is why a light purple framed prints work very well in a bedroom. Mist in Forest can a very tranquil piece that emits that chill vibe.

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