Blue posters

Human passion for the colour blue is ages old, and has a lot to do with our innate longing for peace. The blue sky and the azure of the ocean are some of most serene and assuring thRead moreings in nature. With Photowall's high quality blue posters you can now bring this ancient want into your residential, commercial or recreational space. The multitude of options at hand in blue posters will satisfy every taste and need out there. Since blue is a strong colour in itself, you can mix and match blue posters with a lot of other colour schemes, depending on your aesthetic and overall design. The blue posters selection if so varied that you are guaranteed to lay hands onto something that meets your personality and character, executed in style, rich detail and unique designs.

Blue posters for fantastic interiors

As already alluded to, a beautiful sky and a calm sea are two things that truly grant the soul and the senses well- needed relief from the stress of life. So it is really not that surprising that the seas and skies are highly represented in the blue posters assortment of Photowall. Since blue is definitely one of the most common colours for bedrooms, it makes sense to get a blue poster that features the beauty of the heavens or the allure of the waterly bodies, to even further the comforting ambiance in the room. Blue is often the colour that conveys harmony and a calming energy, which in turn contributes to inner relaxation and healing. Tied to the Ocean is a perfect example of this, a blue poster that is simple but powerful, showing the serenity of the ocean together with the vastness of the sky. Blue posters can take two of the best aspects of nature and bring it into your space, giving you an avenue to reflect, chill and recover.

A little bit of history

The colour blue was first used in combination with other colours in cave paintings at the end of the last ice age. In ancient Egypt, the rich azure lapis lazuli stone was used in luxurious jewelry and decorative ornaments. Since, the colour blue is relatively rare in nature, it was very difficult to figure out how to extract the exact blue pigment for a long time. In addition, the cost of importing lapis lazuli or blue pigment from the East was so extravagantly high for people in the West that they struggled long and hard to create a synthetic pigment for the colour blue. In the beginning of the 1700s, the chemist Johann Jacob Diesbach finally succeeded, Westerners at last had access to the colour without spending a fortune. Lucky enough for you, this gorgeous pigment is very much available in every shade you can imagine, with blue posters having a plenty of motifs that will delight you. Given that you now know the history of bringing this colour to your doorstep, select a blue poster like Midnight Blue Hydrangeas with Gold, which is beautiful painting with various hues of blue present. This type of blue poster can make any room pop with visual impact and create a lasting impression on you, your family, friends and any other company you might have over.

Different themes in blue posters

Photowall always places high value on giving their poster categories a lot of variety. This also goes for blue posters, where not just nature is present, but a lot of other subjects. While there are a lot of real life scenes, with details so rich that you feel like you are literally in the image, blue posters also has a great selection of artworks featuring this amazing colour. Candle Sperm Whale, for instance, is an appropriate example of that real life quality that blue posters can bring into your room. The intricate and specific aspects of this motif can transport you to another world, namely the underwater world, where you are roaming with this gentle giant of the oceans. For those more inclined to a little bit of edge, blue posters has works of art such as Tribute, which shows a skeleton rocker playing his tune in a cemetery, surrounded by the blue of the night.
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