Indoor wedding tips and decor: Part 1 of this year’s Wedding Special

It’s wedding season and preparations are in full swing. We can plan everything – except the weather. That’s why part 1 of our Wedding Special is all about ideas and crafts for celebrating your wedding indoors.

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Step into a creative world of inspiration full of wild flowers and retro details. Start with a muted colour scheme, then add pops of colour with candies and confetti for a romantic and playful style we like to call Romantic Retro. 

Romantic Retro how-to

Capture the right mood by choosing a romantic venue with turn-of-the-century details, and use the same colour scheme in your decor and crafts. Bring your personality to the mix with some playful, unexpected – almost modern – touches. When you select decor and furniture for an indoor wedding reception, think glass vases, brass candle holders, antique chairs and flowery china. But don’t forget to delight with paper cones and yummy popcorn. 

Our top wallpaper tips for this style is Wild in My Garden by PeppercookiesConfetti by By May, and Changing Waves by Sne Design

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DIY wallpaper crafts and table decorations

Do it yourself! Your wedding will be more personal and it’ll be easier to stay on budget. And you don’t need to worry about wallpaper crafts or handmade confetti being spoiled by wind and rain when you hold your reception indoors. 

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Our top DIY tips for indoor weddings

• Wallpaper balloons. Simply cut out a balloon shape and attach a string. The balloons can be used as a photo backdrop or a playful decoration.

• Table placemats. Our premium material is best, or laminate the placemats to resist spills.

• Wallpaper cones.

• Table seating place cards.

• Decorative bow wraps. With a few snips, folds and a little tape you can easily create lovely and romantic bows as cutlery holders.

• Homemade confetti made from petals or cut bits of paper in various colours.

• Pom-poms

Our top wallpaper tips for DIY: Spring PinesColorform Mint and In the Garden.  

Create your own garlands 

Make a heart template, lay it on the back side of the wallpaper and trace it. After tracing as many hearts as you like, you can start cutting them out. Once you have cut out your hearts, tape a string to the back side, near the middle. Don’t cut the string yet! Keep taping it to all the hearts, with the same spacing between them, and then cut off the string. Now you’re done! 

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Indoor games

Create a fun, chatty atmosphere with a game of guessing the age of vintage clothing. Or, have a music competition with the same theme. Play a game of balloon stomp or the wallpaper game. 

Wallpaper game 

How well do you know the bride and groom? Make wallpaper cards for wedding guests to have ready when they think they can answer questions about the bride and groom. 

Manor house, castle, or wedding at home

Finding the perfect venue can be both time consuming and expensive. And even if the space should suit the style of the wedding, you can create the right mood almost anywhere with a little creativity, fabric and wallpaper. 

• Ask your friends! One of your acquaintances may have an aunt or colleague who knows someone who can rent a venue. Ask, and describe the atmosphere you want for your reception.

• Say you find a space that doesn’t really suit your style. Take a look and see if you can wallpaper pieces of plywood or suspend wallpaper strips or fabric from the ceiling.

• A beautiful pattern that is repeated in the table decorations and suspended from the ceiling and walls enhances (almost) any venue.

• For Romantic Retro style in a manor house or banquet hall, start looking early. The most popular venues often have long waiting lists. We were fortunate to borrow beautiful Kristinehovs Malmgård for our photo shoot.

Our top wallpaper tips: My Greenhouse FlowersSpring Medallion and Bugs & Butterflies. 


Rent or borrow umbrellas and put up rain shelter for guests to step out for fresh air. And make sure the local taxi company’s number is posted and the Uber app is ready as the evening winds down. 

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Trending: Chic coasters cut from A Warm Summers Day wallpaper by Plingsulli.

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