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    Tropical patterns and exotic animals in new collection by Lena Holtzberg

    It is our pleasure to introduce a new design collaboration with the Swedish textile artist Lena Holtzberg. Lena has worked as a pattern designer for over 20 years. In the past she has worked for H&M and has been commissioned by several Swedish wallpaper and textile companies such as Höie of Scandinavia and Åhlens. She has also worked on various projects throughout England and Italy.The collection “Joyous Creations”, is her first series for Photowall. It is a tribute to nature, in which flowers and the splendor of nature take primary focus.
    Wallpaper: Cheetah Reveries Cognac and Turqouise

    Art School and pattern design

    Lena Holtzberg has been interested in drawing since she was a young child. It was clear from the start that drawing would become a part of her profession. During her studies at Beckmans College of Design, she was drawn into the world of design and, upon graduating in 1997, immediately found a job as a designer in what was then the mail order department at H&M, Rowells.

    Since then, she has created patterns and designs for several major Swedish textile and wallpaper companies and has worked for design studios in England and Italy. Currently she freelances under her own brand, Chiconique. In collaboration with Photowall, Lena has designed a wallpaper collection that celebrates the beauty and diversity of nature.

    “Joyous Creations”— a tribute to nature

    The natural world has always been Lena Holtzberg's biggest source of inspiration, a feature evident in her organic patterns and choices of color.

    I am deeply fascinated by the immense variety of species that exist on our planet; the intricate and imaginative design of plants and animals amazes me again and again. As I encounter more incredible, almost unreal species, it is harder and harder to believe in the randomness of Darwinian theory. In my eyes, it is impossible not to be inspired by nature!

    Lena Holtzberg describes her way of working as organic, careful, and uncomplicated.
    Her creative process begins with the search for an inspiring image of an animal or beautiful insect. This image becomes the starting point of the design. She then selects flowers and leaves with interesting shapes, colors, and textures. From these beginnings, she begins to draw without too much planning or thinking.

    My original designs emerge organically; my only goal is to create something pleasurable, with flora and fauna at the focus, that can bring joy to others.
    Wallpaper pattern: Cockatoo Paradise Honey and Silver

    The wallpaper collection Joyous Creations consists of five hand-drawn and harmonic design patterns: Cockatoo Paradise, Resting Tigress, The Iguana Dream, Cheetah Reveries, and Butterfly Poetry, all of which evoke a comfortable and cozy feeling in any room.

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