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BMX Backflip - Canvas print - Kids Room




BMX or bicycle motocross is one of the popular sports either in competitive BMX racing or off - road recreation. Feel the adrenaline rush in your own room with BMX wall murals. With iRead morempressive images of these amazing bikes, you will truly love them in your room to add life and vibrancy to your interior.

Exhilarating experience with BMX wall murals

Want something unique for your rooms? Photowall has some of the world’s amazing wall mural designs that will surely make your adrenaline rush. BMX wall murals are some of the amazing wall mural designs that will surely not only make any room look attractive, but will also let you feel how to defy gravity with the use of a bike. BMX wall murals feature images with nature - inspired background that will certainly make your interior look amazing. Enjoy a glimpse of nature and of course the action. The colors are simply amazing and will set the right mood and atmosphere in your room. Have a wall mural in your bedroom, living room, kid’s room, and even your workplace, and you will have a beautiful focal point that will not only be attractive, but will likewise be inspiring.

The world of BMX

BMX began during the early 1970s in the US. This started when kids began racing their bikes on dirt tracks in California. This bike racing was inspired by the motocross stars during those times. The available bikes then was the Schwinn Sting - Ray and other wheelie bikes as these bikes are natural on these kind of races. In 1972, the motorcycle racing documentary “On Any Sunday” was credited with inspiring the movement nationally in the United States. The opening scene shows kids riding their off road bikes. By mid - 1970s the sport achieved critical mass and a lot of manufacturers began creating bikes specially designed for the sport. Thus, BMX bikes are not just bikes and a kid’s toy, but a special toy for kids and adults alike. With a colorful history, you will truly appreciate BMX wall murals and will surely want to have one in your room.
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