From the thrusting steam locomotives of a bygone era to the modern, chic design of a New York Subway train, there is something about the visual imagery of railed transport which makesRead more it utterly photogenic and suitable for paintings. Use this sort of image in your home on a choice of canvas prints to give it a sense of classic design as well as driving movement. The range of train canvases includes nearly every tonal quality and colour that you could imagine, so a train painting or photo will be suited to your home no matter what your pre-existing colour scheme happens to be. These images are not just for trainspotters!

Engineering as Art

Art comes in many forms and there is little doubt that well-engineered machines, such as top-class locomotives, make for engrossing images in their own right. When photographed by one of the world's best image makers or rendered by a leading painter, trains can really come to life - almost seeming to launch themselves from the wall in many cases. Take a look at all of the dynamism and energy that has been captured in a canvas print like Speeding Steam Engine, for example. There again, you might prefer the sepia tones of the nostalgic Steam Locomotive which harks back the the golden age of this form of travel. The simply titled Locomotive captures the train in all of its engineered glory thanks to its focus being on the moving parts only – the pistons, the wheels and the drive shafts – as they force the train over the tracks. Then there is the almost industrial bleakness of canvas prints like Train Station Warschauer Strasse, Berlin which features rails, sleepers, lighting columns and sidings which creates an entirely different mood, at once reflective and calming.

Colourful Train Images

Paintings and photos of trains can be full of colour and vivid flashes of bright tones. Take Rua, a stylised tram photograph, which offers wonderful yellows and reds, as a great and colourful example. Train in the Rain is an atmospheric depiction of a powerful black locomotive in the gloom, but it features some touches of bright red which really bring it to life in the context of a home hanging. Another great train-themed option which is full of primary colours is London Underground Sign, the ideal choice for anyone who adores the UK capital's famous tube network.
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