There are large-wheeled vehicles that are part of our everyday lives and we don't even acknowledge it. Photowall has thus created a special tier of motifs in the form of buses canvas Read moreprints. If you live in the city, chances are that you are riding, or at least seeing, a bus every single day. Do not take them for granted because buses canvas prints can show you the beauty of these modes of transportation. Did you know, for example, that the city with the largest bus network in the world is Jakarta, Indonesia? It has a total of 250 kilometers of bus lines operated by almost 4000 buses. In buses canvas prints, you will learn such things as well as where the word bus came from, the history of the vehicle and information about some of the most iconic buses in the world. Whether it is for your residential, recreational or commercial interiors, buses canvas prints can give you that upgrade you have been looking for. As per usual, the items in this assortment can be adjusted to complement your overall design, colour schemes, decorative elements, and so on.

Origins in buses canvas prints

As already hinted at, buses canvas prints will allow you to find out where the word "bus" actually came from. Let us go to the year 1828, to a place between La Madeleine and La Bastille in Paris where the first omnibus service started. The word was coined after the name of a hat shop in Nantes called "Omnes Omnibus" where the first bus line terminated in an early trial. The word omnibus itself is derived from Latin, meaning "for all". The name stuck and the word bus is now recognized in the majority of languages on earth. This is just one of the fun factoids you can share with people when they admire your buses canvas prints in your home or office. Imagine a buses canvas print like "Beached Bus", for instance. This buses canvas print can look as good in the living room at home as it can in the meeting room at the workplace.

Iconic subject

One of the most known and recognizable public transport vehicles are the famous buses of London, which you will see plenty of in this category of buses canvas prints by Photowall. On 4 July 1829, George Shillibeer began the city's first omnibus service, copying the idea from Paris. The omnibus could carry 22 people and was pulled by a team of three horses! The London buses in buses canvas prints we have come to learn and love operate on 700 routes these days, with 8600 buses in the whole fleet and serving 19000 bus stops. For the history buffs, London's oldest surviving bus route is route 24, which first started operating between Pimlico and Hampstead Heath under The General Omnibus Company in 1911. The 24 has been subject to only minor changes to accommodate one-way systems since then. Get yourself a piece of that history with buses canvas prints like "London Map with Bus - Colorsplash" or "London Bus Route 9". These beautiful motifs can make all the difference in the world when you display them as wall decor.

More buses canvas prints

Another familiar sight in transportation is the Volkswagen Type 2, better known as the Microbus, VW Van, Hippie Bus, Kombi, and so many more nicknames. Even though it has a sort of a pop culture reputation nowadays, the truth of the matter is that it is one of the most straightforward and rational vehicles ever developed. You might have seen these vehicles in films like "Cars" or "Little Miss Sunshine", or on the tele in shows such as "The 70s Show". As you can see in buses canvas prints, these vans really have their peculiar charm. Pieces like "VW Kleinbus" or "Explorer" really make a room pop with charm and character.
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