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    Top Trends: Monochrome Interiors

    We’ve all heard of the monochrome trend in terms of fashion, but the stark contrast of using black and white is fast becoming the most coveted look in the world of interior design. But for such a simple colour combination, it can be deceptively difficult to get just right. To help you on your way we’ve put together a few key ideas that will ensure you get the monochrome style that’s perfect for your home.

    Create a base

    When working with monochrome it’s important you pick a colour that’s going to be your ‘base’ shade first of all. Think of the colours you’ll be using as if they’re the building blocks for your room – your base colour is your foundation. Whether it’s black, white, or grey; choose one and keep this as your base colour throughout your home, then weave it into pieces throughout the rest of your room – soft furnishings, furniture, and artwork for instance.

    A striking feature wall

    The monochrome trend provides the perfect ‘canvas’ for a striking feature wall. Try a bold geo design wallpaper, or opt for a stylish oversized canvas print like our popular Blackbird wall art. A feature wall helps to provide focus to a room. It can draw the eye in, add interest, and even detract from any parts of your space that are less than perfect. It also ensures that the TV doesn’t take centre stage, which is often the case in rooms without any striking focal points.

    Contrast colours

    Monochrome is all about balancing light with dark, and while dark against dark can add intrigue and style it should be used sparingly – especially if your room already lacks natural sunlight. Try to create contrast by using contrasting elements of your room together. For instance, a dark floor could be lifted with a statement rug; a light sofa could be balanced with throws and cushions in deep and luxurious tones, and vice versa. Try layering the look with different textures too – fluffy rugs against leather sofas, or plush velvet curtains against bare floors.

    How will you be using the monochrome trend in your home?

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