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Space Maps

There is something curious about a space map. Though its purpose is quite clear, it can also be used to represent other things than simply identifying the position of a heavenly body Read morein the universe. It is an instrument that gives us a vague idea of the size and vastness of the universe we live in. It also tells us that no matter what our differences are in culture, beliefs, ideologies, and race, that we are all still inhabitants of the same pretty white swirl in the cosmos called The Milky Way Galaxy. Photowall pays tribute to this interesting and portentous item with its own line of space maps canvas prints. These images depict the maps of outer space itself in different iterations. Hang a few of these space maps canvas prints in your living room, and make your guests and loved ones feel like they are embraced citizens of the universe. These space maps canvas prints can bring a sense of diversity as well as unity into every space they occupy. Have interesting discussions about the nature of the cosmos with these wonderful space maps canvas prints all around you. Make these fine pieces a mainstay in your home.

Unfathomable in space maps canvas prints

The Asteroid Belt is a Torus-shaped segment of the Solar System, which is comprised of several irregular and varied-sized bodies that are smaller than actual planets. These bodies are called asteroids or minor planets. It is most commonly known as the main asteroid belt, which differentiates it from other asteroid populations like Near-Earth or Trojan asteroids. Most asteroids travel within the main asteroid belt which is located between Mars and Jupiter. Photowall pays tribute to this expansive grouping of celestial bodies with “Solar System 2”, “Planets and Stars”, and “Solar System Planets” in its amazing collection of space maps canvas prints. These images depict the planets of our Solar System as they are seen in space. Hang a few of these space maps canvas prints on the walls of your dining room and watch your family and friends gape in awe and wonder at these behemoths roaming the heavens. Let them sit during mealtime and ponder the size and complexity with which our planets inhabit our galaxy. These space maps canvas prints can give a feel of vastness and magnitude to any space you put them in. Let these space maps canvas prints bring light and wonder to your home.

Immeasurable in space maps canvas prints

It was the great Italian astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei who, through empirical evidence, observation, and mathematical computation, came up with the theory that the Earth was indeed round and not flat, unlike so many people of his day believed. His was not a popular belief and it offended the clergy and several men of power at that time. This led to Galileo being persecuted and eventually killed. Photowall salutes the great sacrifices that men of science have endured through the ages to give us this knowledge with “Set of Universe Infographics”, “Solar System-Brown”, and “Solar System-Orange” in its remarkable line of space maps canvas prints. These images feature the exact same heavenly bodies that the masters studied and from which they formed their postulates. Hang a few of these space maps canvas prints in your recreation room and make grown-up playtime feel even more vibrant and exciting. You may even wish to showcase several of these space maps canvas prints in your lounging areas to give the space a feel of vastness and mystery. The very sight of these space maps canvas prints can soothe your senses and calm your soul. Let these space maps canvas prints take you to the faraway reaches of space.

Vast and unreachable

A very real and tangible example of the practical uses of a space map is the discovery of the planets. Neptune was first seen with a telescope on September 23, 1846, by a man named Johann Galle. He was able to calculate its position in the heavens by studying the notes of Le Verrier. The planet has thirteen moons, the largest of which is called Triton. Photowall adds to your knowledge of the vast and almost infinite cosmos with “Planetary System”, “Planets”, and “Eight Planets” in its excellent line of space maps canvas prints. This specific addition to space maps canvas prints is full of interesting images about the heavens, which makes it not only a beautiful image to look at, but a very informative adornment as well. It is a piece of education in and of itself. But it is interesting to note that all thirteen moons of the planet Neptune were only seen by a telescope in the 20th century. Before that, the technology to view this amazing astronomical phenomenon was as yet unheard of. Hang a few of these space maps canvas prints atop your bed, in your sleeping area, and feel as though you are closing your eyes to the cosmos itself.
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