Astronauts are, by definition, men, women, or even animals that travel to outer space. Most astronauts begin their careers as fighter pilots from the Air Force, Marines, or the Navy. Read moreThey later on become test pilots for experimental planes, and then take rigid tests to qualify for the astronaut program. The space race began in the late 50s between the United States and the Soviet Union. It was during this time that scientists of both countries hustled as fast as they could with emerging technologies and new sciences to be able to be the first into outer space. But first, they had to train the astronauts that would bring them there. Photowall pays tribute to this great profession with its own line of astronauts canvas prints. These images showcase these cutting-edge individuals as the world has come to recognize them. Hang a few of these astronauts canvas prints in your living room and feel as though you are headed for the stars. Allow these astronauts canvas prints to infuse this space with a sense of freedom and adventure and your family and loved ones will be in eternal gratitude to you. They will be looking for more and more reasons to linger in your living room with these astronauts canvas prints all around them Let these astronauts canvas prints brighten up your home.

Experienced in astronauts canvas prints

There is a rumor that to speed up the development of their space program, the United States looked to the assistance of captured Nazi scientists for their knowledge of rockets and space engines. Before their capture, there was very strong talk that the Third Reich was already deep into research and had already made great strides in their quest to build these space conveyances. Photowall lets you in on a little secret with “Space Knight” in its fine line of astronauts canvas prints. This image depicts this amazing adventurer as he is seen in the minds of the rest of the world. Hang a few of these astronauts canvas prints in your private study or mini-library, and feel as if you are one of the pioneers of the space age, surveying the progress of your research. You can also place a few of these images in your recreation rooms to fill the space with a sense of fun and adventure. Playing video games, watching films, and listening to your favorite tunes will never be more amusing than with these astronauts canvas prints all around you.

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It was the Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin, who first broke through the atmosphere and traveled into outer space in a space vehicle. His ship was called the Sputnik I. Not to be outdone, the United States, soon followed by sending the first astronaut out into space not only in a conveyance but also to be the first to walk in space. This was Captain John Glenn. Not long after this, the United States bested the Russians again by sending the first man to walk on the moon in the person of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on board the Apollo 11. Relive the excitement and thrill of the space race by hanging a few of these astronauts canvas prints in your lounging areas. Grab a bottle of soda and sit in your favorite lounge chair and simply while away the afternoon in recollection and wonder with these astronauts canvas prints all around you. The very presence of these astronauts canvas prints can soothe your tired soul and ease away all the stress and anxieties of the day. Let these astronauts canvas prints transport your imagination to the heavens.

Brave and heroic

In 1986, the NASA space program endeavored to send the first civilian into outer space in a space shuttle that would be the first to use a new kind of liquid oxygen as fuel. They chose a school teacher named Christie McAuliffe to be their first non-astronaut in outer space. Their vessel was the Challenger. But something went terribly wrong a few seconds after the Challenger lifted off, and the vessel exploded in mid-air, killing all the passengers inside. This terrible tragedy brought to sharp focus the very real dangers that still existed in the field of space travel. Remember all those fallen in the pursuit to conquer the stars with these amazing astronauts canvas prints. Hang a few of these astronauts canvas prints atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel as if you are closing your eyes in outer space. Let your dreams be filled with images of the infinite cosmos with these astronauts canvas prints. You may also choose to display these fine images in your hallways, to make the task of moving from room to room an experience in space exploration. Let these astronauts canvas prints bring life and energy to your home.
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