The sheer heavenly majesty of our canvas prints that feature galaxies as their theme is something to truly marvel at. Even if you are trapped inside a light polluted city and can neveRead morer stargaze for yourself, the draw of the night's sky offers romance and wonder in equal measure. Therefore, choosing a canvas print from one of our galactically themed paintings is the perfect way of creating a sense of heavenly amazement in your own home. For centuries scholars have reflected on the majesty of the night's sky, in particular the galaxies that make up many of the brightest spots above, and now you can enjoy them all from the comfort and warmth of your home thanks to our superb array of star-laden canvas prints. Just take a look at some of the options available and you'll never feel the need to stay up late or head outside again to enjoy the sheer thrill of the sky at night.

Why Choose a Galaxy Themed Canvas Print?

Either framed or sold in a canvas roll ready to be mounted at home, one of our superb space images will make a feature of any wall they happen to be mounted on. From distant spiral galaxies, with all of their wonderful geometric might, to elliptical galaxies, which afford a distinct other worldliness, any painting of a group of stars creates a true sense of understanding our place in the universe. The colour schemes of these canvas prints are also very varied, so creating a talking point or an image that offers a more reflective state of mind can be achieved without ever compromising on your room's interior décor. For example, if you are looking for a deep black background with glistening starlight speckled through it, that might work as an excellent backdrop in a reception room, then you will find a galaxy painting for you. Equally, if you want a deep red colour for a more visceral effect elsewhere in the home, then why not choose an image of some of the fantastic nebula reflections that have been generated from modern astronomy? Other types, such as our Orion Nebula print, have a combination of ruby reds and piercing cobalt blues set on a black background which can tie a room's disparate colour scheme together perfectly. The choice is yours in this fascinating category of canvas prints which deliver so much once they are hanging on display.

Images That Speak of Wonder

Many of the prints we offer are paintings which reflect some of the very best images you can obtain from the night's sky. Others are based on the world's leading photography, either captured from the Earth or from the Hubble space telescope that is orbiting the planet. Whichever sort of image you opt for, all speak of the sense of wonder we have with nature and the universe. Some, for instance, offer an image of the Milky Way just as you might see it with the naked eye on a cloudless night. There again, others provide a fascinating up-close view of more distant galaxies that afford a sense of human exploration – almost as if you could reach out and touch one of the stars yourself. Some even feature representations of the Earth itself, offering deep blue and green tones set against the background of even deeper space. There can be little doubt, too, that the sun flares and other deep space activities depicted in some of our prints engender a sense of wonderment among all who view them, thus making them an ideal choice when adorning your home.

Children's Decorations and Galactic Images

Choosing a painting for a child's bedroom or nursery can be tricky, especially if you have a particular colour scheme to work with already. Thankfully, many of our products designed for children work perfectly well in a number of tonal palettes. Take a look at our cartoon galaxy prints, for example, which are the very thing for a child's room and create a magical sense of exploration in their own right, often full of lively action and whizzing stars streaking across the sky. Featuring imaginative space rockets and interstellar space craft, our products are equally as suited to fans of science fiction as they are to firing children's vivid imaginations. Of course, many of our galactic canvas prints are highly imaginative, but there are also space exploration prints which are very much based in reality to choose from, such as those depicting lunar rovers on the surface of the moon with the empty vastness of space in the background. All such images hark back to the heyday of lunar exploration and can whip up children's interests for years to come. Indeed, for devotees of space and galactic exploration such a canvas print can work just as well in a grown up setting, too.
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