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There is a saying that an elephant never forgets. In Hindu religions, the elephant lay with the mother of the soon-to-be-born Prince Siddharta, who would later transform into the GuatRead moreama Buddha. In the United States, the symbol for the Republican or Grand Old Party is the elephant. And the great animation mogul Walt Disney himself featured an elephant calf named Dumbo as the hero of one of his most beloved films. The elephant calf is a symbol of hope for the future and remembrance of things past in many cultures all over the world. Photowall pays homage to this wonderful creature by featuring it in its elephant calves canvas prints collection. These heartwarming canvas prints revive the child in all of us. They take us back to a time when man revered all the creatures that walked this Earth. They also remind us that the elephant is one of the most loving and nurturing animals in all of creation and that a mother would just as soon die for one of its calves rather than abandon it. These elephant calves canvas prints come in a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from. And would be a perfect addition to any room in your home.

Out in nature with elephant calves canvas prints

Elephant calves are around 250 pounds when they are born and are roughly about three feet tall. It is a little know fact that, right after they are born, these calves do not have very good eyesight as yet. But they can tell who and where their mother is through touch, smell, and sound. Photowall honors these lovable little creatures with their “Motherhood”, “Wee One”, and “Protecting Elephant Mom” images in their collection of elephant calves canvas prints. These beautiful images would fit very well in your mini-libraries and reading nooks, and would instantly melt the heart of anyone who viewed them. Set them in your living room to give you a feel of being in the great savannas of wildest Africa. Position them in your child’s bedroom and have great conversations with your kids about the love of a parent for her child. This simple little bauble from elephant calves canvas prints could help instill in your child the value of devotion and loyalty to a family like no other image can. The pieces in our elephant calves canvas prints are not only beautiful, but they serve an educational purpose as well.

A mother’s love in elephant calves canvas prints

Elephant calves commonly stick close to their mothers for their first few months in the wild. They consume their mother’s milk for roughly two years, but some have been known to do this longer. These infants are it first, oblivious as to the purpose of their trunks. They suck on them as a human infant would suck its own thumb to pacify itself. Around the age of six to eight months, these cute little creatures slowly catch on to the fact that their trunks are primarily for eating and drinking. Photowall brings these creatures closer to your hearts and homes with “Elefamily-black and white”, “A Giant Unity, black and white”, and “Sequence of Emotion, black and white”, in its collection of elephant calves canvas prints. These black and white images would go perfectly framed against a clean, white wall or wallpaper. As an accent to your hallways and mantlepieces, these elephant calves canvas prints are second to none. They not only bring style and elegance to your home but give you a sense of what it’s like to exist with these magnificent creatures in the great outdoors.

In your heart

Like most animals, the female of these elephants will remain with the herd for her entire life, while the male becomes independent at around twelve to fourteen years old. The calves are known to consume around three gallons of milk a day and begin eating solid foods at about four months old. But an interesting fact about elephants is that they consume milk until they are about ten years of age. Photowall features these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat in its “Tasty Leaves, “Elephant Storm”, and “Elephant March” collections of these elephant calves canvas prints. They also offer selections for your kids such as “Elephant Calf”, “Elephant Calf Washing”, and “Little Circus Elephant” in their line of elephant calves canvas prints. Walt Disney’s immortal Dumbo, who was able to fly with his massive ears, is probably the most famous elephant calf in history. His tale has been told time and again in countless motion pictures. These wonderful animals have certainly gained a permanent place in our hearts. And now, they can be safely enshrined within the confines of our homes. So don’t delay, grab your own collection of these amazing elephant calves canvas prints right now.
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