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    Spring interior styling

    Leave the muted colours of winter behind and welcome the fresh floral motifs of spring into your home. Channel shades synonymous with spring such as pastel hues and colourful tones with flowery influences to create a look that’s suitable for all year round.

    Let’s explore how you can add elements of spring in your home through a combination of interior styling tricks and colour introduction.

    Floral décor

    Spring conjures up the beautiful images of nature, and introducing this kind of freshness into your home brings a bright and happy feel. Add in some delicate textures with soft floral patterned cushions and combine with flowery illustrations in your room – frame these up as part of a gallery wall or dot them around your home on sideboards or shelving.

    Create an accent wall

    Make a dull room brighter by creating an accent wall in your living area. Gather your interior inspiration from elements of nature with the Photowall wallpaper Geranium – the stunning bold repeat pattern will transition beautifully into summer, leaving you with inspirational imagery that’s fit for all year round.

    Spring swatches

    Delicate pastel tones accompanied by soft white and grey palettes are typical spring interior colour trends. Sugary sweet ice-cream tones like mint, light pink and baby blue pair well together, and neutral paint tones can be a playful take on the white wall. Reflect these hues in your home accessories by opting for soft décor that pairs well with your chosen pastel swatches.

    Go geometric

    While the geometric pattern itself isn’t associated with spring, the colours that combine well with this print usually range from soft neutral tones to stark, dramatic swatches. Geometric patterns will be a big thing in interior styles this year, and introducing these into your home now will catapult you to the forefront of the trend. Geometric prints can create a beautiful feature wall in your living room and can also add contrasting shapes into soft décor schemes.

    White out

    Brighten up your space by giving your room a fresh spring paint refresh. Crisp all-white walls with a variation of textures and shapes mix the look up and give a fresh take on a minimalist feel. The all-white tones work well with contrasting colour pops. Create an energising feel in your home by introducing bold table lamps and matching cushions and keep this minimalist look flowing by introducing monochrome typographic wall art into your home.

    White marble

    Vase craze

    We all know spring is about the beauty of new life entering the world, and what better way to show this than dressing your home with floral highlights. Mismatched vases filled with flowers bring the outdoors into your living space. Whether you decide to choose flowers that match your colour scheme or go for contrasting colours to your décor, there’s no better way to bring spring indoors.

    Forest Apricot

    How will you be bringing spring into your home this season?

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