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Grey Gardens - a magnificent and mysterious collection of surrealist wallpaper patterns

Photowall is now launching an exclusive new wallpaper collection in collaboration with Swedish illustrator Beata Boucht. The GREY GARDENS collection consists of seven gorgeous wallpaper patterns inspired by the plant kingdom. Presented here are glorious motifs of long-forgotten gardens, wending vines, enigmatic jungles, and mysterious forests. Each pattern has its own imaginative character that invites you to explore an exciting world of discovery.

Dark Leaves

Beata Boucht's detailed illustrations are characterized by her playful and surreal visual style. In GREY GARDENS, Beata Boucht worked specifically with unique oversized patterns to really enhance the feeling of being cloaked under a leafy weeping willow or being surrounded by a dense primeval forest.

The collection draws inspiration from myriad sources but especially from the wild garden in the movie Grey Gardens, a film that depicts its eccentric protagonists at home in their decadent mansion in East Hampton, New York. The distinctive collection is home to many motifs such as an array of decorative leaves from various landscapes all over the world, selections of intricate and richly detailed flowers, as well as deep dives into the extensive and ornate veins of leaves and plants. The designs utilize a carefully balanced colour palette that emphasizes the boldness of its subjects while still yielding a surprisingly calm expression.

“I wanted to create wallpaper patterns that would endure and that I wouldn’t tire of. Patterns you can lose yourself in and where you are constantly discovering something new. A place where you can find respite in the details and where your eyes get lost in the fantasy of the landscapes, finding a new kind of calm in the midst of the untamed wilds”, remarked Beata Boucht.

A self-described maximalist, Beata’s artistic process consists of using various techniques and materials to create deep and complex patterns by working on a piece in several layers. She starts out with pencil drawings done by hand and then adds colour with watercolours or gouache, finalizing the piece with collage techniques and digital processing.

"I think we will become more courageous, more daring in our ability to express ourselves, and become more personal when we decorate our homes in the future," said Beata Boucht.

The GREY GARDENS collection gives your room a feeling of magnificence with its grandiose settings. The captivating motifs create a brilliant spatial dynamic full of rich details that are impossible to resist.

The GREY GARDENS collection consists of seven wallpaper patterns and nine posters that are all available exclusively at Photowall.

Emerald Moss
Paradise Lost
Big Edie Blush

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