Tower Bridge

One of the London’s most famous landmarks can now be the focal point you have wished for in your interior design. Photowall's Tower Bridge posters feature the bascule and suspension bRead moreridge on the famous River Thames. Rendered in Victorian Gothic style, Tower Bridge is located close to the Tower of London from which it got its name. We will delve more into details in this category of Tower Bridge posters, to make your selection process more informed and educational. Seen from every side and angle, we have photographs and paintings that depict the bridge lit dramatically by night and joyful under the glare of the sun. From whimsical illustrations to sweeping scenery, there is a Tower Bridge poster for every taste and decorating style. The colours as well vary greatly from one Tower Bridge poster to the next, as you will witness and explore further. Always a picturesque sight, you can request edits to your selected Tower Bridge posters to suit your aesthetic and colour schemes.

Clearing up Tower Bridge posters

First and foremost, there is an issue to address which is the common mistake of people to confuse Tower Bridge with London Bridge. However, since Tower Bridge is such an iconic sight of London, it is easy to see why people often make that mistake. This is why Tower Bridge posters by Photowall is so helpful and informative. These wonderful motifs will undoubtedly generate conversation and questions when viewed by your family, friends and visitors. You can make it easier for them to remember by telling them that Tower Bridge has two towers and is next to the Tower of London. Tower Bridge posters will show you that if someone is looking for a unique view of the British capital, this is where you head up to by taking a stroll across the walkway that connects them. From about 45 meters above the river, you can see across to the Tower of London.

Great history

At the dawn of the 19th century, London was quickly becoming a metropolitan hub of trade and industry. At that time, the River Thames was the most popular entrance into the city which led to the development of numerous docks and harbours throughout the city. In 1884 it was decided that a bascule bridge would be commissioned as it needed to provide a certain amount of space for passing boats while maintaining a gothic design style. This style is very evident in Tower Bridge posters as you will have noticed. Construction of the bridge officially began in 1886 and the revolutionary bridge design finally was completed in 1894. Even though this landmark was given a facelift in 2004 with all of the paint was stripped off and replaced by the iconic blue and white that is visible today, Tower Bridge posters will show that is has retained its historic appearance and appeal.

Tower Bridge posters and their significance

The reason why Tower Bridge was erected in the first place is still as relevant in a practical sense today as it was when it opened. Nonetheless, it is about so much more than getting people from one side of the river to the other. As you can see in Tower Bridge posters, it has become an icon for the city and even the country itself. This monument has created a lasting economic and cultural impact that has helped define the history and future of the region. London Skyline in Sunset is a beautiful modern example of this impact. If you want something more artistic, the Tower Bridge poster titled Tower Bridge - London is ideal for you.
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