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Cows - Poster - Living Room




If you are looking for a comforting and familiar theme to use as focal point in your interiors, look no further than cows posters by Photowall. The reason we have such an affinity forRead more these livestock animals is not just because they provide us with food and milk, but also because we have quite a few things in common. We both share similar characteristics such as forming close friendships and choosing to spend much of our time with those preferred individuals. Cow gestation even lasts the same amount of time as human pregnancy, which is nine months. Displaying an image of cows posters in your room can reaffirm and strengthen that connection and relationship. Cows posters diversity is also very useful in sprucing up your walls, since we have plenty of different breeds from more than 800 different breeds of cattle around the world. Whether it is your home, recreational space or even the office, these motifs will lend your rooms charm and character. Your selected cows posters can be matched, or contrasted, with your existing interior design, colour schemes and so on.

A-mooo-azing interiors with cows posters

In cows posters, you will not only find the right decoration for your walls, but also learn a thing or two. For example, did you know that moos are not the only sound cows make? Calves make a sound called "bawling", while bulls "bellow". Another great factor in using cows posters is that they are affable and child-friendly. Your young ones will certainly appreciate and admire the items in this category. Cows posters are also a way to bring a touch of nature into your home, workplace or any other spaces. With unique designs in cool and rejuvenating colours, you will be able to set a different type of moo, oops, mood! You can have real life photographs like "Cow Up Close", where the title is pretty self-explanatory. There are also cows posters of the more artistic persuasion such as "Watercolor Cow", which is a beautifully drawn background that can look as good in a child's bedroom as it can in the break room at the office.

Plenty of variety

As already mentioned, there is a healthy dose of variety in cows posters, not just in terms of different images, but also regarding the kind of animals that are represented. Simmental cows are probably those that immediately spring to mind when you think of the traditional kind of cow. This Swiss breed is among the oldest and most widely distributed in the world. Most Simmentals are red and white, but there are no colour restrictions on the breed, as you will see in cows posters. They are known for rapid growth development, milk production and large size. Another very popular breed is the Holstein cow. These are best known as dairy cows which originated in Holland more than 2,000 years ago. The black and white cattle are known for outstanding milk production. "Hertford Holstein" is a beautiful example of this breed, a cows poster that really exudes warmth and charm. This kind of cows poster can really make the difference between your walls being ordinary and extraordinary.

More samples of cows posters

Although children will be delighted with this particular segment of livestock animals, cows posters also possess some more edgy and adult content. "Cow Skull", for instance, has a darker vibe and can be the befitting focal point in a man-cave. Add to it a pool table and something such as a mini-bar, and you will definitely have yourself the hangout spot your friends want to come back to all the time. Even though the kids also know we eat cows for consumption, cows posters can be used as an educational and awareness tool. The cows poster titled "Farm to Table" is suitable for this, explaining the different cuts done to cattle raised for consumption. "Brindle Rodeo Bull" is another beautiful item in cows posters that has more grownup feel to it. The black and white tones can really make your walls pop.
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