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The importance of wall texture in interior design

In many instances, texture in the interior seems to be an afterthought. This article aims to change that line of thinking. Texture is something that makes a room go with a bang! It is what brings a perfect interior design up to the next level.

In interior design, texture is defined as the sensations caused by the external surface of objects received through the sense of touch. Many may perceive texture as a support in making the home attractive, but it plays a vital role in making the design a success. Texture does not only make the room beautiful, but will also elevate the overall experience of the design.

In creating a wall texture, the most common source are from materials such as fabric, tile that you would want to touch. There are also some unique ways to add texture to the walls ranging from contemporary 3D wall cladding to full-scale art installations.

Adding wall texture with paint

Incorporating textured paint to the walls, adds dimensionality, vitality, and style to the wall surface. This kind of paint can be purchased from stores, but still you can mix your own textured paint. It is very cost effective and can be applied to almost any material.

White latex paint is always recommended to be used as a base paint when it comes to texturing paint. Apply a coat of colored paint on top of it. After the application of the textured latex base paint, or directly texture the top coat, you need to select the color you want to use. Before painting the wall, try some sample tests first to see if the end result will dry in the shade you want. The next thing to consider is the type of texturing medium you will be mixing with your paint. You can choose anything you like depending on the appearance you are trying to achieve. Once both the paint and texturing medium are available, you can now start the mixing process and reach the right consistency.

This is probably the easiest method in adding wall texture. This can also be a project even inexperienced individuals can do. If you are hesitant on painting your walls, textured wallpapers are a great option as well.

The different wall texture design

For you to be able to have a wonderful interior, you can add texture to an entire wall or you can just create an accent wall. Here are some examples that you may find inspiring:

1. In a white living room, create an accent wall at the back of the sofa to make it simple yet creative. This design adds a soft touch to the home interior.

2. Exposed brick walls can do wonders to an interior.

3. Create an artistically designed wall texture while remaining minimal to retain the striking modern contemporary look.

4. The walls can have various treatments from unfinished concrete wall to black brick walls.

5. Create waves on the white walls to make the room soft and squishy.

How to use wall texture spray like a pro

Ceiling and wall textures are applied by professionals with the use of special spray equipment. Though it is almost impossible to copy the effect of the equipment, wall texture products in aerosol cans can have close to similar effects when applied in small areas. For example, if you have patched a drywall or plaster surface and need to blend it with the texture around it, you may use a can of spray to achieve your goal.

Wall texture designs for the living room that you will love

You already have painted your wall with your dream color. As you have known, there are millions of colors to choose from. However, sometimes, plainly painted walls may be dull and boring. The good news is that, you do not have to stare on those boring walls for the rest of your life. Texture can dramatically enhance the paint you applied, making the walls more interesting and inspiring.

The most common sources of texture for walls come from materials such as tile and fabrics. There are other unique and interesting sources, such as contemporary 3D wall cladding, and full-scale art installations.

Here are a few suggestions to add texture to your living room walls. Wall texture can be added to an entire wall or you can just create an accent wall. These can definitely help you achieve an appealing look for your interior. Textured wall paneling can be bought from stores and are sold in sheets that can be attached to the wall. They come in various colors or just in plain white. Many still recommend to addition of bold textured wall panels for the interior walls.

Interesting wall texture design for the playroom

Adding wall texture to the playroom is one of the great ideas to make the room interesting for both parents and kids. In color psychology, it has been known that various colors have significant effects to the behavior of the kids. Warm colors may stimulate activity while cool colors can be relaxing and calming. Choose the appropriate color for the kids room depending on the mood you would want to create. Incorporating wall texture adds life to the wall. Kids will love various texture as they transform plainly colored walls into something wonderful. These may also stimulate the creativity and imagination of the kids and playing and learning will be more fun and exciting.

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