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    Interior design trends for summer 2016

    Summer 2016 is set to be mighty stylish, especially if you’re looking to revamp your home and add in a few interior updates. Whether you refresh your space with a lick of paint, or add in simple decorative pieces that echo the season’s interior trends, you’re certain to find something that will help transform your home.

    Let’s explore which home trends you should be following for your home:

    Calming hues

    Rose-coloured hues and pastel-inspired tones will continue to have their moment in the sun. Adding in subtle surgary sweet shades to your bedroom space can help declutter your mind, helping you to get a better night’s sleep. Alternatively, pastel cushions and throws can act as the perfect seasonal update in your living room.

    Patterned fabrics

    Decorative wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the last few years, and the trend of busy design has steadily moved into soft furnishings. Pattern experimentation is set to be a huge trend this year, with floral-patterned sofas, curtains and cushions being used to make a statement.

    Graphic fantastic

    Detailed prints with colour juxtaposition and metallic geometric home accessories have made it big on the interior scene, and this summer we’re going to see a massive surge in geometric-based wall art and wall canvases. Whether you already have a feature wall, or you’re thinking of creating one, graphic geo patterns are the way to go.

    Scandinavian Surface – Lost Diamond

    Artisanal accessories

    People supporting independent makers will become huge over the next few months, with a focus on interior accessories that appear to be a one-off. Whether it’s wooden hand-carved ornaments or metal-finished tables, handcrafted features will be at the heart of the home.

    Warm metals

    Copper was the ruler of 2015’s metal moments, and while it still has its place, other burnt metal tones will move their way to the forefront of interior trends. Unfinished brass and gold is set to become just as big as copper was last year. Adorn your walls with gold frames to channel the look, or invest in burnt metal home accessories.


    The ombre look we saw deeply rooted in fashion trends is now making its way into the home but with a slightly different feel. Old kitchen cupboards will be reworked with two-toned cabinets. Grey tones are particularly popular in the kitchen space – grey multi-painted cupboards look fabulous with an array of interior styles.

    Statement mirrors

    Mirrors that reflect the mood of the home provide a striking décor update. Choose beautifully detailed gold gilded mirrors to complement this summer’s interior trends. Style out a statement mirror in your bathroom to bounce light around the room, helping to really make the most of your space. Or make a feature of your forgotten corners and add in an ornate mirror.

    Raw materials

    Home accessories that convey the beauty of nature are totally on trend. Organic shapes and natural textures will bring spaces to life. Unfinished materials will become the choice over general minimalism, which also plays perfectly into the hand-crafted trend. Reclaimed and upcycled furniture have been in the spotlight for the last year, and we think we’re going to continue to see this trend flourish.

    Scandinavian Surface – Winter Wilderness


    Horticulture-inspired prints are totally on trend and are perfect for summer interior updates. Big, bold and bright colours are a key aspect of this trend, with botanical-based graphic prints being the frontrunner. Colourful, bold prints work well as an accent fabric next to a neutral backdrop, with matching subtle colour pops reflected throughout your décor.

    Metal finishes

    After a move to alternative patterns and colour, we predict a shift towards metallic wallpaper. Industrial-inspired feature walls create a space that’s perfect for open-plan living. With modern metallic home accessories also in the trend limelight, it’s simple to reflect this style in your chosen accessories.

    Eco-conscious environment

    We’ve noticed a shift towards environmentally friendly interior design, and in the last few years spaces have become cleaner and greener. The eco-conscious trend harmonises resourceful design with community spirit – introduce recycled plastics in the kitchen, terrariums in your living room and wooden fixtures in the bathroom.

    Tangerine daydream

    Bold colours scream summer, and the orange hue in particular will be the main colour trend. Whether it’s a tangerine fabric or a beautifully bright feature wall, orange will be the main colour of focus for people who want to revive their space.

    Pineapple prints

    If you’re looking to channel the vibrant hue associated with summer, yellow is a great place to start. Pineapple print wallpaper can make a fun and quirky feature wall in your child’s bedroom, and even spice up a dull home office. Stockholm-based illustration house, Nu Agency, worked with Photowall to create a cute take on the pineapple print.

    Nu Agency – Pineapple

    Decorative backdrops

    Ornate backsplashes have been popular for quite some time, but recently the trend has changed direction, with people opting for geometric three dimensional patterns as an update for the metro tiles. To channel this trend, let the tile do the work and pair with a neutral backdrop to let it pop.

    Stripe delight

    Whether it’s vertical, horizontal or chevron, the stripe is all about making a statement this summer. We’ve noticed a growing number of interior outlets stocking striped home accessories so getting the look has never been easier.

    Floor stoppers

    Tiles will give your home the edge– the more patterned and vibrant the tile, the better! A number of Instagram accounts keep popping up dedicated to beautiful and inspirational floor tiles – Ihavethisthingswithfloors is the most recent.

    Which interior design trends will you be channelling this summer?

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