How to channel maximalism impact

Are you lured to rich colour and luxurious texture like a moth to a flame? There’s no denying that the interior design world has been having a long-standing affair with the minimalistic movement that has left its mark on many homes and businesses that are dripping in neutral shades, clean lines and simplistic décor. But this year, drama is back with audacious flair.

The common stance of less is more has been turned on its head with the unashamedly theatrical maximalism look being embraced by interior aficionados. The rebellious trend laughs in the face of notorious colour and pattern combination rules, known for its eclectic style. Anything goes, with the door wide open for you to play with different shades, prints and textures in extravagant fashion. 

That’s not to say that minimalism is out – in fact, these opposite aesthetics are both in vogue, competing to be the design style of choice. But if you’re craving vibrant colour and rooms bursting full of character, this trend is for you. Here’s how to rock modernism at its finest. 

Utilise every inch of space 

Think about every element of the room. To create a space that mesmerises, your walls, floors, skirting boards and ceiling all have to play a part. Lend inspiration from designers such as Kit Kemp, Timorous Beasties and House of Hackney who nail maximalism in flamboyant fashion. 

Master pattern play 

Clash those patterns – it’ll certainly make an impression. Pair bold botanic with leopard and oversized stripes with ditsy florals – go on, we dare you. Baroque touches won’t go amiss either, nor will geometric accents. Everything goes in the world of maximalism. 

Botany Banana

Lashings of texture 

Faux fur, wood, glass, passementerie, marbling, wallpaper, tilework…You name it, it’s all part of the fabric of life of maximalism. The key to nailing the look is clever layering – try working sheepskin throws with wool blankets or silk curtain with velvet cushions. 

A spectrum of colour 

Look to use a riot of rich colour and push the boundaries with vibrant tones. To help form your palette, experiment with contrasting shades to uncover unusual colour pairings that work well together. Aqua and cherry red, emerald green and gold, magenta and zesty yellow, aubergine and peach, lavender and teal or mauve and mint green – who’d have thought it? 

Block Mix 1

All about accessories 

Go gutsy with your accessories and let your space become a treasure trove of design details, with every fibre blown up and fine-tuned in HD style. When it comes to maximalism, you can never have too many embellishments. Use your accessories to create talking points, whether trinkets from different periods, a cluster of ceiling pendants, gilded mirrors or statement chandeliers. Opting for open shelving or over-sized display cabinets create an easy way to show off your accessories, too. 

The importance of art 

We’re not talking about solo pieces. For a beautiful space with maximum impact, create a gallery wall from floor to ceiling using a plethora of your favourite pieces, whether text, photography or prints

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