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    How-to bring the sun inside your home

    With so much focus centred on outdoor elements in summer, it’s easy to dismiss simple seasonal tips that freshen up your home interior. When summer finally arrives, the idea of staying indoors seems all too much - dashing outside for BBQs and evenings on the terrace with a glass of wine seems much more appealing than a night curled in front of the sofa. But bringing the outdoors in enhances the feeling of garden escapism, and helps create an ambience that flows perfectly through your home.

    Here we explore how to refresh and revitalise your home by welcoming the sunlight inside.

    Switch up your textiles

    Brighten up your room by exchanging heavy woven fabrics for light materials with vibrant patterns and chiffon materials. Consider swapping your curtains for blinds - certain fabrics can leave your room feeling a little stuffy, while blinds can really open up your space.

    Play with fresh cues

    Kitchen centrepieces can totally transform your space and fruit bowls are a fabulous way to add a feeling of freshness and vibrancy to your home. Fill them with zesty summer favourites such as lemons and limes to give your kitchen a summer feel.

    Ingela P Arrhenius

    Nurture your nature

    Floral arrangements dotted around areas of your home breathe life into your space. Loose flower arrangements echo the plants you’ll find outdoors and make the most of any interior space that could do with a little brightening up. Fragrant herbs associated with summer – such as mint, rosemary or sage - also work well within the context of floral arrangements.

    Introduce colourful hues

    Shades that evoke vibrancy are set to be a huge interior trend for summer 2016. South American-inspired exotic jungle prints are fun, bold and easy to incorporate in just about any interior. Whether you’re looking to create an energetic feature wall in your living room, or want to add a touch of colour to brighten up a neutral palette, there’s a whole host of options. Add in the stunning Gap Year print by designers Nothing Can Go Wrng to liven up your bedroom space.

    Summer scents

    Smelling is believing, and fragrances that trigger your memories of summers gone by is a great trick to make your space feel more seasonal. Scents associated with the garden are perfect for this; try adding lavender hand soap and fruity linen sprays.

    Check out our summer interior trends post to get more ideas on how to bring light into your home.

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