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    Holistic home: how to choose your home style

    Defining your interior design style can be a challenge, but getting it right will transform the way you feel about your home. Whether you’re gravitating towards a more minimalist look, or tempted to go for something a little more out of your comfort zone - there are a number of ways to pinpoint your personal style.

    Here we explore how to narrow down your aesthetic and choose a style for your home that flows perfectly throughout.


    Maybe the idea of escaping the chaos of your day seems like heaven; coming home to a blank canvas excites you, and you’re comfortable around crisp sharp edges. Sound familiar? Then you should be definitely swaying towards a minimal interior look. Focus on furniture with clean lines and avoid pattern unless you choose to accessories with artistic prints and beautiful cushions. Stick to black and white hues to create a slick look, but consider using charcoal grey tones for a feature wall. Accessorise with mineral materials such as marble and pewter – all these elements will make for a contemporary feel in your home. If you feel like adding some texture to your walls, Photowall’s White Marble mural is perfect to add an extra sense of depth to your interior.


    Have you travelled the world just you and your backpack and looking how you can incorporate your cultural finds into your home? Maybe you find inspiration everywhere and have a need to create; then the boho look might just be for you. Showcase the best of your artisan credentials by combining the best of texture, pattern and muted colours to create a free-spirited feel. Arrange your found fancies so each piece stands out – whether you beautify the floors with mismatched rugs you picked up along the way, or keep it hippy chic with decorative wall hangings, the bohemian look lets you be young, wild and free. Tonnes of throws give a cosy feel, and lamps that look as though they’ve been collected from all corners of the world add welcomed mood lighting into your room. Experiment with textures and pattern by using Photowall’s Bohemian Birds wall mural to fill some frames on a gallery wall.


    Are you a fan of blending the old and the new? Have you always loved reimagined pieces of vintage furniture or reworked clothing and fabrics? Sounds like your style is classic. Whether you’re an antique addict or more about giving a bit of love to old pieces that haven’t seen the light of day for a while – there are countless ways of channelling the classic style in your home. Create a wonderfully nostalgic look by choosing prints that look like they’ve been reclaimed – Photowall’s Darwin on a Plate features illustrations that look as though they’ve been ripped straight from a chapter of a 1900s biology book. This design style pairs particularly well with upcycled furniture and antique metals like brass and copper. Accompany the classic looks with intricate knitted fabrics and reclaimed wood.

    What’s your home style? 

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