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    Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

    Creating indoor-outdoor connections in your home can give illusions of greater interior space, as well as leaving you with a feeling of peacefulness and serenity. There are very few design changes in your home that have this much of a positive impact on your everyday life.

    Let’s explore how to bring the beautiful outdoors inside your home.

    Introduce earthy hues

    Bring in colour palettes that represent the natural world. Different tones of green and blue are trending so this is the perfect opportunity to add these into your décor. This season’s mid-century trend encapsulates the character of the outdoors with natural wood, earthy hues and iconic designs. Rich pine greens, mustard yellows and ocean blues are perfection when paired with teak furniture.

    Wallpaper patterns encompassing nature are also prevalent this season. Photowall’s designer range of wall murals feature beautifully put together motifs that echo the natural environment. Bring plants and animals with wonderful wall mural, Wild at Heart which looks fabulous teamed with mid-century furniture.

    Wild at heart  by Beata Boucht  

    Bring in natural fibres and textures

    Introducing elements with an organic appeal creates a welcoming space. Materials such as wicker and rattan are inspired by nature and look great paired with earthy bold prints or rustic natural backdrops. Introduce these materials simply through home accessories – small wicker baskets are a great addition to the bathroom, and rattan can provide the perfect accent chair. Our fabulous Forest wall mural looks beautiful paired with indoor plants and rustic décor. 

    Forest - Apricot by Ulrika Gustafsson  

    Outdoor cues

    Encourage flow between indoor and outdoor space. Outdoor cues such as pebbles, stone and wood create a striking look that perfectly follows through from the outside in.

    Create a seamless movement by mirroring materials, colour palettes and fragrances you find outdoors. Fresh flowers, woodsy incense and floral potpourris are all great ways to bring the outdoors in. Home accessories such as terrariums are a huge trend this summer – try adding a few of these into your home to make a natural modern statement. Our Flourish wall mural looks stunning paired with natural materials such as wicker and reclaimed wood.

    Flourish by Peppercookies

    How will you be introducing the indoors-outdoors look into your home?

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