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    Check out this inspiring coffee table decor

    The coffee table – more than just for coffee

    A coffee table is a long, low table which is designed to be placed in front of a sofa or upholstered chairs to support beverages, magazines, books, decorative objects and other small items to be used while sitting. The table is usually found in the living room and are available in many different variations and prices vary from style to style. Some coffee tables have cabinets and drawers for storage. The most common material used in making coffee table is wood, but metal is also popular such as stainless steel or aluminum.

    Brief history of the coffee table

    Coffee tables can be traced back to the late 18th century during the Victorian era. During this era, coffee tables were used for placing cups of tea as it was the popular beverage during that time. The popularity of tea drinking likewise increased the demand for tea tables. The table was a bit taller than what we know today. Eventually, the high tea tables were replaced by tables which were designed to stand at the back of the sofa and were used to place books, candles, coffee and tea. These tables were first designed in Britain and was made of wood. The low height was influenced by the floor level Japanese tables in tandem with Ottoman-styled table found in tea gardens. Due to mass production and the availability of materials, coffee tables then became affordable. Industrial Revolution also revolutionized the manufacturing of coffee tables. In addition to these, the different periods, such as Art Nouveau period and the Arts and Craft Movement, influenced the style of coffee tables. Throughout the years, more materials were combined with wood, such as glass, metal, formica, and acrylic. Today, the various styles of the coffee table reflect the long history of the table.

    Inspiring coffee table decorating ideas that you will love

    A well decorated and styled coffee table transforms the appearance of a room, especially if paired up with a lovely wall mural backdrop. The room can look welcoming or sophisticated. Coffee tables can be decorated with lush floral arrangements, and unique decorative items can provide creative touches and inspiring look to imbue rooms with personality.

    Here are some ideas to create an inspiring coffee table that you and your family will love:

    1. Start by adding a tray as this is a foundation of a chic coffee table. Tray can also be a good thing to place knick knacks, TV remotes, keys and other items to organize the things that you place on the table.

    2. Add interesting and pretty books and pick those with bright covers and bold lettering.

    3. A table decorated with trays and books can easily have a spark with the addition of accents such as gemstones or candles. In addition for being great decorative item, the candle color and scents can be changed without difficulty as the season changes.

    4. Add interesting accessories, for instance, a bowl which can serve as a sleek detail when left empty. The bowl can also be added with other decorative items that are significant with the different seasons.

    5. Include a single piece to create a focal point. This can be a beautiful planter or an interesting sculpture to create an effect that is understated.

    6. Bring life to the coffee table by laying painted wood planks on the bottom of a frame to create a shelf and bring vibrant colors into the room.

    7. Create varying heights by adding tall orchid or tapered candles.

    8. Add fresh flowers to give the room an inviting touch.

    9. Add metallic accents such as gold, brass, and silver to elevate the appearance of the room.

    10. Include natural elements such as succulents to create an inviting and welcoming room.

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