Winter is often reviled and seldom a season which we look forward to having. It is the coldest time of the year, and the period when the sun is least apparent. The shortest period of Read moresunlight yearly is also known as Winter Solstice. It is from the hobbies and rituals of the winter season that we find most of our comfort in the cold months. Enjoy the more lively and beautiful side of winter with a canvas print depicting a forest scene, wild animals playing in the snow, city streets, and more.

The beginning of winter

There are several dates, which fall within cultural ideas of the beginning of winter, depending where you live. Scandinavia, for instance, marks October 14 as the start and February 28 or 29 as the last of winter. Russians feel that winter only begins December 1 until the end of February. For those in the Southern hemisphere, winter begins June 1 and ends 31 August. Some of the festivals and holidays during the colder months help to mark off the days until it is warmer again. All Hallows, also known as Samhain, begins November 1. All Saints Day is October 31 and is also known as Hallo'ween. There are also mainland countries of Europe which celebrate St Martin's Day on 11 November. This is followed by Christmas, Yule, and other similarly timed religious and secular occasions, which happen in December and January.

Choose your favourite winter scene

Select a canvas print for yourself of a favourite winter scene. This might be wildlife grazing on snow covered plains, famous cities bathed in ice, misty mountains, or frozen waterfalls. One of the joys of the winter season is watching the Northern Lights, and there are also paintings of this annual tradition. Seeing the beauty of animals that adapt and thrive in winter temperatures is a reminder that this time of the year holds something to look forward to for everyone. Canvas prints include photographic visages of ice and animals, and there are fairy-tale scenes mixed in with the more abstract wildlife viewpoints. While away a winter's day by sitting near a winter work of art and engaging in a hobby or perhaps a game with old friends. There are canvas works of art available for every taste and room decor. Brew the hot chocolate, and the canvas prints will provide just the right mood.
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