Spring is nature's long-awaited best friend. Arriving after the cold months, it is a symbol of new life and growth. Traditionally, in many cultures spring is also known as the time foRead morer rejuvenation, resurrection, rebirth and positive change. Many works of art featuring the spring season centre around floral growth and brighter, more vibrant colours than their winter counterparts. A canvas print of a waterfall in spring will catch the eye with its spray of wildflowers and detailed rendition of the waterfall droplet effect. Perhaps a painting of a spring bouquet of flowers which will never wilt, or a collection of wildlife enjoying the natural scenery is the right touch for your home. Colours vary so that you may match the picture you like best with your home or business decor.

Celebrations of the Season

Canvas prints of spring draw the eye to the natural beauty and wonder of our earth. While spring occurs in the southern hemisphere from approximately October to December, the northern hemisphere celebrates its return between 19 March and mid-June. During this time, there are many culturally significant celebrations of the season. A set of paintings to remind you of events that are important is a welcome addition for any family and visitors who see them. Depending on the culture and traditions you observe, during spring you may celebrate 1 February in Ireland, which is St Brigid's Day, the Lunar Spring Day 14 March in Albania, Australia's Spring Racing Carnival in October and November, Queen Victoria's birthday in Canada, Easter, Passover, May Day, Holl - the Hindu festival of colours, and more. Nature lovers are sure to be pleased with the range of wild animals depicted in their natural environments. For instance, canvas prints and paintings of deer eating rhubarb, the Jungle Canopy of birds, a squirrel in a birch forest, as well as the spring wolf family and many others. Natural spring scenes include forests of aspen, hillsides of Mexico, fields of flowers and more. Feast your eyes on artistic renditions of spring in the abstract or using a variety of methods to put their inspirations on a canvas print. A collection of the stages of spring is also possible through selection of various prints available.
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