Create a soothing ambience in your favourite room with our collection of water themed canvas prints and paintings. Water has long been considered to have healing and therapeutic propeRead morerties. Traditional Indian and Chinese medicine claims that the water element is responsible for creating physical harmony and balance within the body. Harness its beneficial powers by choosing a water motif for your favourite room. With a range of colours and styles available, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Just lie back, close your eyes and imagine floating away into a tropical sunset to the soft sound of waves breaking on a sandy shore…..

Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Recreate that holiday vibe with a sea themed canvas print. Rolling waves and foamy spray add a sense of movement to your room, while a Hawaiian bay framed by whispering coconut trees brings a moment of pure calm to your everyday routine. Alternatively, opt for some adorable dolphins for a fun vibe to brighten up any wall, available either as a painting or in photo form. The selection of rocky shorelines will help you to Zen out whenever you like, while one of our lighthouse prints offers an elegant and on trend nautical twist to reawaken your decor. You’ll almost be able to taste the salt and hear the seagulls!

Lakes and Rivers

The flat calm of a lake on a summers evening, the surface of the water as smooth as a mirror. Add in an orange sunset, dusk full of fireflies, or a moody evening squall. It’s your choice! For an atmosphere of total relax, choose one of our lake canvases, available in several colours. Your living room will become a wooden pier, your sofa an old deckchair. Experience it all without a mosquito in sight! If you prefer a little more excitement, the selection of waterfall prints should be just up your street. Frozen in time by the camera lens, you can almost hear the deafening roar of the plunging water over the rocks. Awakening your senses with its vibrant movement, this is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to quench their tired decor.

From the palette

If you prefer a more traditional look, why not take a look at some of our water themed paintings? Ranging from Impressionist to Japanese, they provide a colourful focal point for any space as well as being unique in style. Sure to attract attention from your guests, these traditional works of art are guaranteed to add gravity and individuality to your rooms.
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