Nature can reward us with its ability to provide us with incredible views of sun piercing through the clouds. On different days, the sky rewards us with different visual effects of thRead moreese magnificent white giants in the sky. Capturing these on canvas can make for interesting and memorable artwork for your home or office. You can often find yourself getting lost in one of these canvas paintings. Clouds have an ability to create an adventure on canvas; these silky soft puffs of white beauties can have you drawn to your painting. What makes these paintings so unique is the lifelike composition of the clouds. It almost takes you away from your busy life just for that moment. Clouds have a dramatic appearance but also create a mood in the space the paintings are set in. This universal subject matter is perfect for bedrooms, lounges, offices and on any wall which needs a focal point. The diversity of clouds in a canvas print can fit into any area making it the perfect space filler.

The Diversity of Cloud Prints

Different clouds make for different scenes. Depending on the mood you want to set in the space where you are hanging your canvas print, the choice of clouds on your canvas can be varied. With transparent delicate silky Cirrus clouds, transform your wall into an extension of the sky. As the clouds cross the sky you can see the sun seeping in through the faded cloud cover. For a more interesting effect of layered white waves of bold white on blue sky, go for Altocumulus clouds. This will definitely add an interesting effect to a plain wall. Cumulus clouds show a dramatic strong presence with darker horizontal bases. A full canvas painting with these clouds shows dense cloud cover with bulging outlines. These are more visible than the grey layered cloud cover of the Stratus cloud prints, which add a slight break between sun and sky. There are so many options to choose from when ordering your cloud canvas prints. Whichever density of cloud you prefer, each will have a magnificent effect in your home or office, creating a calming and soothing effect in everyone who admires it. Bring a part of the outside into your home, open up a small room by hanging a picture of the sky on your wall or simply bring a bit of the outside world indoors.
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