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A typographical map is a map of the world or any country in it, with one distinct difference, instead of solid colors or lines or labels making up the interior of the map, it is made Read moreout of letters. Be it from newspapers or license plates or any other medium that has text on it. It is like a collage where the regions on the map are spelled out using the letters of the medium that have been used on it. Though their purpose is quite clear, they can also be used to represent other things than simply identifying the position of a country on Earth. It is an instrument that gives us a vague idea of the size and vastness of the world we live in. It also tells us that no matter what our differences are in culture, beliefs, ideologies, and race, that we are still all inhabitants of the same pretty blue ball in the cosmos called Earth. Photowall pays tribute to this interesting and portentous item with its own line of typographical maps canvas prints. These images depict the maps of the world in different iterations. Hang a few of these typographical maps canvas prints in your living room, and make your guests and loved ones feel like they are embraced citizens of the world. These typographical maps canvas prints can bring a sense of diversity as well as unity into every space they occupy. Have interesting discussions about the state of affairs all over the world with these wonderful typographical maps canvas prints all around you. Make these fine pieces a mainstay in your home.

Distinct in typographical maps canvas prints

It is a sad fact that has been proven time and time again throughout history, that sharing the world is not one of mankind’s strongest traits. Terrible wars have been fought over the most trivial and insignificant things, as well as principles of great import. It is nothing less than a miracle that the human species has not managed to wipe itself out of existence. And yet, despite all our differences, looking at a simple world map makes us realize how small and petty our distentions truly are. Photowall gives you a glimpse of the big picture with “USA Map License Plates”, “Typographic Text World Map Paint Splash”, and “USA Modern Blue” in its amazing collection of typographical maps canvas prints. These images showcase several maps of the United States and the world rendered in an artistic way. Hang a few of these typographical maps canvas prints on the walls of your private study or mini-library to make you feel like a great world leader, viewing the world through the eyes of the wise and compassionate. You may also want to display these typographical maps canvas prints in your recreation room, to remind you that there is a great big world to explore out there, and the possibilities for fun and adventure are endless.

Unique in typographical maps canvas prints

It was President John F. Kennedy, in a speech at the American University in Washington, who admonished us that we are all very much alike. That we all inhabit this small planet, we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children’s future, and we are all mortal. This eye-opening insight into our state of affairs was the clarion call for all of humanity to set aside our differences and work for the better good of the planet. Photowall bows to this wisdom with “Typographic Text World Map 2”, “USA Modern”, and “Typographic Text World Map Brown” in its line of typographical maps canvas prints. These images feature maps of the world rendered in a more interesting and less literal vein. Hang a few of these typographical maps canvas prints in your longing den, and rest easy in the fact that all is right with the world. Open a bottle of soda, sit in your favorite lounge chair, and simply be comforted by the sight of these typographical maps canvas prints.

Quirky and original

During the mid-1960s, astronaut Scott Glenn became the first man to orbit the Earth. He came back with a vision that seeing this wonderful blue ball of life from out in space, gave him a very clear insight into man’s narrow vision of our existence in the universe. That all our pettiness and misunderstandings seem to disappear when viewed in the light of the vast expanse of the planet. It was his realization that we are all different, yet we are all the same and that this fact should be celebrated, and not be made into a cause for conflict. Photowall seeks to open your eyes with “Vasastan”, “Sodermalm”, and “Gamla Stan” in its unique collection of typographical maps canvas prints. Hang a few of these images atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel as if you are resting under a blanket of unity and solidarity. Go to sleep at night knowing that all is well with these typographical maps canvas prints above you. You may even place a few of these typographical maps canvas prints in your hallways to liven up the space.
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