City Maps

Maps show us the way, but beyond practicality they can also make a sophisticated statement in your home. Planned cities represent a modern day phenomenon, their detailed and highly orRead moreganised structures are ubiquitous yet unique. There is something highly enticing and visually impressive about laying out the grid-like arteries of one of the world's great cities. Whether you want a stunning reminder of your recent trip to New York or want to be inspired to see more of the world, it's all possible with a city map canvas print. Just like interior design, maps have changed over the years. No matter what style you're aiming for, a beautiful city map painting can help you achieve it. Hoping to create a classic feel? A monochrome map of many of our iconic European or American cities could be just the element to invoke the perfect atmosphere. Try something more colourful to brighten a bedroom or ensure your study space is a sleek reminder of your next destination. City map paintings are an excellent example of form and function working in harmony, and although they may all look similar from afar, their unique differences are best appreciated close up. Notice how the meticulously planned grid of New York City divides Manhattan into its iconic districts, inadvertently delivering a gorgeous piece of man-made art. Our canvas prints also feature sprawling European capitals, showcasing some of the most striking riverside urban areas. Whether you're looking for something small and sophisticated or grand and inspiring, choose one of our specially selected map-themed paintings to transform any space.

The whole world on display

Add interest to your home and see the world from a different perspective with a myriad of map designs. Whether you to decide to focus on a familiar city or want to put the whole world on display, a canvas print is ideal for the job. Our artwork brings together a wonderfully eclectic mix of city map styles to ensure the painting you choose complements any interior. The map-inspired collection of canvas prints is a glorious addition to any sleek, airy space that yearns for a touch of urban chic, or perhaps recreate an opulent atmosphere with a map that remembers and celebrates the vintage origins of this timeless craft. Antique or modern, big or small, a city map-inspired canvas is sure to inspire.
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