Formal Gardens

Formal gardens are one of the most elegant displays of composed horticulture in the world. They are a celebration of all things beautiful and light and colorful. They abound in palaceRead mores, embassies, castles, coliseums, and other majestic venues of great importance. The painstaking and meticulous manner in which these gardens are formed is the product of many years of planning and organization. Numerous disciplines are called upon just to complete one of these landscaping masterpieces, and their upkeep and maintenance is no laughing matter either. Photowall pays tribute to these amazing man-made achievements in its own collection of formal gardens canvas prints. These breathtaking pieces are guaranteed to transport you to some of the most beautiful gardens in the world, and allow you to bask in their great color and arresting radiance, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. Imagine that you are sitting in one of these magnificent venues, sipping tea and having a chat with friends with the help of these formal gardens canvas prints. They come in a wide variety of designs and colors for the discriminating gentleman or lady to choose from. These formal gardens canvas prints are guaranteed to bring color and excitement to every room in your home.

Color in formal gardens canvas prints

In the Book of Genesis, it is said that God created man and woman and allowed them to live in a garden of perfection, where all they would ever want or need was readily available. Only with the occurrence of original sin did our first ancestors incur the wrath of The Almighty who drove them out of this Garden of Eden. Perhaps it is this fateful expulsion that has drawn man to the beauty of formal gardens since their first inception. Photowall gives you the opportunity to have your own little slice of the perfect garden in the confines of your own home with “Paradise Garden”, “Tropical Garden”, and “Stairs in the Great Garden” in its fine collection of formal gardens canvas prints. These one-of-a-kind formal gardens canvas prints will go very well with a pastel-colored backdrop and can sit nicely in almost any room in your house. Even the playrooms and sleeping quarters of your kids will very much be brightened by these amazing formal gardens canvas prints. They will provide not only hours of admiration but will introduce your kids to the art of sophisticated horticulture.

Elegance in formal gardens canvas prints

Formal gardens abound in almost every country in the world. The Japanese have their own version of Zen gardens like the “Calm Zen Lake and Bonsai Trees in Tokyo Garden”, which provides a sense of spirituality and oneness with nature. There is also “Sunset by the Bay”, which gives homage to merry old England. There is also “Villa del Balbianello” which depicts a lush and artfully composed garden in the lake country of Italy. These are but a taste of the unique and inviting pieces featured in our collection of formal gardens canvas prints. Their vibrance and play of color will not only add grandeur to your living spaces but can also provide much-needed relaxation to the weary mind after a hard day’s work. But our formal gardens canvas prints do not stop there. They can whisk you away to gay Paris with our “Autumn in Paris” and “Provence Garden” pieces, or carry you off to Germany with our “Schonbrunn Garden” image in our wide collection of formal gardens canvas prints. There is seemingly no end to the selection of fine pieces that Photowall is able to offer you in this fine line of home adornments.

Paradise on Earth

From some of the most illustrious gardens that exist on this planet to fictional gardens that inhabit the fertile spaces within our mind, Photowall has an offering for each of these pleasures. Our “Renaissance Path”, “Magic Castle”, “Seascape”, and “Verdant Garden” are just some of the reminders that these formal gardens canvas prints go as far as the limits of your imagination. No landscape is too breathtaking, no flower is too colorful, no composition too intricate, that we are unable to bring it to the comfort of your own home. Every single piece is crafted and designed with the tastes and preferences of the sophisticated urban dweller in mind. Have your family sit around the dinner table with one of these prints framed above it and a heartier and more enjoyable mealtime you will never experience. They are a surefire hit with your guests as well, as they can recount their travels all over the world with these dazzling reminders of the countries that they have been in. The hours will fly unnoticed with all the fun you can have. So hurry and grab your own collection of these formal gardens canvas prints today.
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