A balcony is defined as a platform protruding from the wall of a building, reinforced by columns or console brackets, and fenced with a balustrade, commonly atop the ground floor. ItsRead more name is derived from the Italian word Balcone, which means scaffold. A structure that has an ordinary balcony has doors that open onto a small patio, fenced in by railings, a small patio garden, or skyrise greenery. A French balcony is a fake balcony, with doors that open to a railing overlooking a courtyard or the visible vistas below. Photowall pays tribute to this enchanting piece of architecture with its own line of balconies canvas prints. These images depict the different types of balconies that are commonly seen in structures all over the world. Hang a few of these balconies canvas prints in your living room, and fill the space with an air of romanticism and charm. Your loved ones and guests will not be able to resist the attraction brought about by these balconies canvas prints. Their gratitude to you will be eternal for your grace in displaying these balconies canvas prints in this common area. Observe as they come up with ever more imaginative reasons to linger in this area, thanks to these balconies canvas prints.

Ceremonial in balconies canvas prints

There are balconies that are specifically built for ceremonial purposes. One famous example of this is the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. This is where the new Pope invokes the blessing, urbi et orbi, after having been elected at the conclave. Within the structure of cathedrals, balconies are sometimes created for singers. They also exist in grand banquet halls to be occupied by musicians. Photowall gives you something to admire with “Lake Como-Italy”, “Terrace Sea View”, and “Across the Street I” in its amazing collection of balconies canvas prints. These images portray some of the varied types of balconies, from the ones that are attached to the most breathtaking structures in the world, to the average, everyday balcony seen across the street from your neighbor’s house. Hang a few of these balconies canvas prints in your recreation room to amp up the classiness factor by a hundredfold. Your moments of grown-up playtime will never be more entertaining than with these balconies canvas prints all around you. There is practically no wall or room in your home that will not be livened up by these amazing balconies canvas prints.

Quaint in balconies canvas prints

In theatres, the balcony used to be the stage box, but it now defines a section of the auditorium above the dress circle and below the gallery. Balconies are a unique sculptural achievement, in the sense that, they can alter the outside shape of a structure, without changing the internal layout of the building itself. Photowall gives you a peek at these unique architectural achievements with “Across the Street II”, “Balconia”, and “Balcony Windows” in its fine line of balconies canvas prints. These images depict the simple yet quaint balconies that line our neighborhoods and urban areas. Hang a few of these balconies canvas prints in your lounging den, and allow their distinct charm to soothe away all the troubles and anxieties of the day. You can also display them in your hallways, to give this neglected space a boost of whimsy and lightness. Make the act of traversing from room to room into an exercise in discovering the different types of this architectural wonder. There is no limit to the beauty and elegance that these wonderful balconies canvas prints can provide for your sophisticated urban abode.

Charming and enchanting

There are many different types of balconies. There is the traditional Maltese balcony, which is a wooden, closed balcony, protruding from a wall. There is the Juliet balcony that does not jut out of the main structure, but instead, is commonly a portion of the upper floor, with a balustrade at the front. Modern Juliet balconies have a metal barrier in front of a high window that can be opened. In the United Kingdom, the official name for this sort of balcony is a Juliet Guarding. Photowall gives you a glimpse of the charm and utility with “Balcony Facade”, “Speicher”, and “Balcony” in its remarkable collection of balconies canvas prints. These images feature some of the more utilitarian balconies that abound all around us. Hang a few of these balconies canvas prints atop your bed, in your sleeping quarters, and feel like you are closing your eyes on one of the most elegantly constructed and celebrated balconies in the world. Your dreams will be filled with romantic images of lovers cavorting on these architectural wonders with balconies canvas prints all around you. Your sleep time will never be as restful as when you have these balconies canvas prints in your room.
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