Disney - Classics

From Alice in Wonderland to Pinocchio, experience the magic of Disney with each of our beautifully designed high quality canvas prints. Each painting captures a moment of imagination Read moreand beauty from one of Disney's beloved animated classics. Each one of these amazing paintings brings to life in stunning detail the essence of what makes these characters enduring parts of our childhoods generation after generation.

Childhood memories

Sharing in their adventures, experiencing their stories and travelling along on their many adventures is a time-honoured tradition for children and adults around the world. These canvas prints highlight a single moment from each story that encapsulates the wonder of a Disney classic. There is hardly a child in the world who hasn't spent hours enraptured by the deeds of a boy who refused to grow up and his plucky group of friends as they fought off pirates and bed times or travelled through the looking glass to a bizarre world filled with even stranger creatures and an overbearing monarch. Millions have joined a small boy on his adventures through the jungle, befriended by an easy going bear and a small elephant.

Bring magical worlds to life

Ideal for sharing the joy of these stories with children and loved ones, each high quality canvas print is a moment in time, captured in a way that far surpasses an ordinary painting. Children will love the bright colours and the attention to detail on the faces of each character. Adults can see these memorable characters captured in highly detailed, expertly created, realistic paintings in the way only an exceptional canvas print can offer. The quality of these paintings brings these magical worlds to life, making real the excitement felt when viewing these films for the first time. These items are excellent conversation pieces guaranteed to light up any room and fill a space with the joy and wonder of a child's imagination and these heart-warming stories represented in full, rich colour. The best part is, there are several characters to choose from, so whoever you favourite is, there's sure to be an excellent print available and if you can't decide, you can never have too many of these excellent works of art. However you choose to go, these wonderful art pieces will be treasured belongings in your home for many generations to come.
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