Tips on Choosing Art for the nursery: Love lives in a nursery. It's in a mother's eyes as she rocks her baby to sleep, and it's in a dad's gentle touch as he carefully swaddles his inRead morefant child. That infinite love should be reflected in your baby's room. As you prepare your baby's cocoon, here are some tips on how to choose the right artwork for the nursery.

Identify your style

Take an objective look at your home. Is your home uncluttered and modern with a contemporary updated feel? Or are you more traditional with a house that has a well-lived in ambience, with keepsakes that have been passed on from generation to generation? Perhaps you are a cocktail of these two styles and mix and match elements of both the modern and traditional in your living space.
  • Modern: Look for canvas prints that have bold stripes, geometric patterns and shapes. Choose a print that does not introduce too many colours into the room so that it maintains its clean, uncluttered feel.
  • Traditional: Paintings go hand-in-hand with traditional décor. They complement each other like a frame and a picture. Do not be afraid to choose prints about a fictitious character in a nursery rhyme, or choose an artwork that is rich in tonality and colours.
  • Cottage-Style: A cottage-styled nursery carefully places the best of both the modern and traditional worlds together. A fun way to combine traditional paintings with modern canvas prints is by introducing line drawings which is simple enough for minimalist modernists and has enough interest for French country décor.

Consider the Architecture of the Room

Analyze the bare bones of the room. Look at the ceiling, the windows, the walls and the floor. All of these elements play a critical role in picking the correct canvas prints for your baby's room.
  • Light: Does the room have enough natural light? Are there large windows in the room? If there isn't enough natural light in the room, a bright and airy canvas print may be a better choice.
  • Ceiling: Many old homes have beautiful high ceilings. Unfortunately, in terms of scale, baby-sized furniture may look out of place and may seem too small. By choosing taller, larger canvas prints that fill up a wall, your eye is drawn upwards and will provide the illusion that the ceiling and furniture are in proportion to each other.
  • Brick walls and tiles: Geometric prints may be visually confusing when placed on brickwork or a tiled surface.

The Bigger Picture is Paramount

Set the stage by bringing attention to a specific area like the cot and enhance the area by using a canvas print. By setting the scene, you can then enhance your chosen theme using your print as inspiration for the rest of the room. If the nursery is the resting place of a fairy princess, adorn her walls with a painting of mystical fairies where elves and pixie dust abound; or better yet, lock her in a safe tower where no harm can ever come to her. And if your nursery is the home of a future Christopher Columbus or Ferdinand Magellan, wash the wall with a nautical themed print. Maybe your nursling prefers checking out the view from a tree house because there is time enough to worry about being an adult…

Mix and Match

Have you ever heard that you cannot mix patterns and prints? Well, you can. By carefully coordinating different patterns, you will create textures and depth in your nursery that is often only seen in professionally designed spaces. The key to the successful coordination of an array of prints is to stay within the same colour palette so that you do not overwhelm the room.

Inspiration for Baby

Decorating a nursery for an infant can be so much fun. There are so many designs and prints to choose from that you could easily change your themes on a monthly basis. However, it is important to remember that some babies may crave stability and may find comfort in an environment where at least some of the paintings remain the same. For this reason, it is important to remember that a baby-themed painting may seem cute now, but does it allow room for the child to grow with the painting? Choose art that will pique your baby's interest and stimulate their imagination. Popular canvas prints for babies include:
  • Nature: Babies love making connections to what they see in the world around them. If you live near a forest, transform the wall with a canvas print of the woods. Likewise, hang a canvas print of an orca or a sea garden brimming with dolphins if you are lucky enough to live near the sea.
  • Animals: Children have a natural affinity for animals. Choose their favourite animal and frame it up above their bed.
  • Nursery Rhymes: Introduce them to the magical and fun-filled world of words with images from a timeless nursery rhyme.
  • Maps: If you love travelling, foster a love for the world with an animal or dinosaur map.
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