Vintage Nature

The real vintage approach of decoration comprises several time periods of styles, while the term itself is used to describe almost any interior designing themes that are influenced Read moreby the past. While this definition means that just about any era could be considered as vintage, the term is more commonly used in interior designing circles to describe decor from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Combining this pattern with the elemental beauty of nature takes a good eye and the right tools, such as our vintage nature wallpaper selection. These vintage nature wallpaper motifs merge the elegance of retro decor with the raw and primal charm of nature. As always, these items can all be modified according to your design taste, plan and wishes.

Vintage nature wallpaper characteristics

A more retro style of decorating almost always has a fun and energetic feel to it, where vibrant colours, wacky designs and an overall sense of flair are utilised. Just think back on the materials and textures used during the 60s, for example, and you'll immediately get an idea of where and what kind of decor you need to acquire to truly capture the essence of vintage style. Since this particular tone requires such a bold approach, vintage nature wallpaper together with a certain personality is required to pull it off. There's nothing too laid-back or casual about these vintage nature wallpaper assortment. On the contrary, these vintage nature wallpaper motifs are quite loud, keeping busy and most definitely funky. These traits will ensure maximum impact and critical visual interest, as well as established optic weight, bringing a great level of appeal to the room you have chosen to revamp by using a vintage nature wallpaper.

Botany in vintage nature wallpaper

Quite a lot of our big earth is covered with plant life, things that essentially give us oxygen, supply us with food and serve many other necessities, particularly in nutrition and medicine. This ever-growing greenery all over the globe carries a countless variety of species, colours, lifestyles and uses. Botany, at its core, is the study all of those things. Our assemblage of vintage nature wallpaper has a relatively diverse number of options with this specific theme. My Greenhouse Flowers, Bramble Hill Granit or Vintage Floral Watercolor Pattern are just some of the flower-themed pieces that are striking and visually arresting. Their lush hues, tinges and tints will make any room pop, and become promptly remarkable. Vintage Floral Watercolor Pattern is also a vintage nature wallpaper that depicts birds and butterflies, important figures in the link between botany and biology.

Vintage nature wallpaper with animals

Speaking of biology, another type of study is also a recurring theme in vintage nature wallpaper. Zoology is the study of all animals and their behaviours, a truly wide and captivating subject that has kept humanity curious for centuries. One of the most known and prolific zoologists was Charles Darwin, who is best known for his work as a naturalist, as they were called back in the day. Darwin developed a theory of evolution to explain biological changes. His work is also showcased in spirit in vintage nature wallpaper. Darwin on a Plate is the name of an incredible vintage nature wallpaper, beautiful critters rendered in a stylish and fashionable collage of black and white shades. Friends in Need is another vintage nature wallpaper that has tremendous charm and massive appeal.
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